why wont a usb memory stick work in win98 ?

  andy63walsh 14:46 07 Jan 2008

hi, none of my memory sticks will work in windows 98 ? i downloaded drivers for the staples 1gb one but still no luck, tried add/remove hardware ?
HELP !!!!

  Technotiger 14:56 07 Jan 2008
  woodchip 14:58 07 Jan 2008

Is it 98 or 98se. USB on the above can be a problem even with drivers. It depends how old the Motherboard is

  andy63walsh 15:00 07 Jan 2008

its 98 as far as i can see

  woodchip 15:05 07 Jan 2008

don't think you will get it to work if it is, Right Click on My COMPUTER then click properties it will say if it is second edition

  andy63walsh 15:10 07 Jan 2008

so mem stick dont work on 98, i'm amazed

  woodchip 15:12 07 Jan 2008

If you had 98se then It most likely would work but doubt you getting it to work at all. Even with drivers in 98

  Terry Brown 15:24 07 Jan 2008

click here

try this link for win 98 USB drivers

  Diemmess 15:29 07 Jan 2008

Have you anything using a USB connection which already works on this computer?

Double check by looking in Control Panel > System > Device manager and the list of things among the hardware on your computer.
If it shows near the bottom of the list USB Controller/s then you should be able to get things going.

If something is listed there, then it should be possible to feed it the right driver for the pen drive even if the OS is bare 98.

98 can become confused when offered large figures like RAM over 512mb and HDs with over about 2Gb!

  brundle 15:32 07 Jan 2008

These drivers might be of use; click here

  andy63walsh 16:16 07 Jan 2008

we saw the memory stick as a unknown device in the list and it kept saying update drivers, we tried to update but no luck, it still will not open and is not in the list of 'my computer'

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