why wont these games install ?

  JACC 22:10 15 Aug 2003

I 've just installed MuVee autoproducer,and it caused my pc to fail.Got the problem sorted,but 2 games my kids had recentley installed no longer work.They are C&C Renegade and Max Payne, they worked fine before but no longer function. Have uninstalled both and tried to reinstall, C&C says there is a setup.exe fault,tried to install manually-same message.Max Payne says it needs DirectX 8 or higher to run,we've got DX 9 ,and iv've checked it out in System Diognostics-says it's fine.I had to reload W98se,got the latest drivers for my graphics card,defrageed,scandisc,virus check the lot i think.I'm bemused why something that used to run fine now won't even install. I hope you can help me get these irrate kids off my back,please help.

  sil_ver 22:20 15 Aug 2003

You may need to backup your saved games and anything else important, reformat and do a fresh install of 98SE. You might try using system file checker to see if it finds anything untoward, it can be found (if memory serves) in Start/progs/accessories/system tools/system information

  snoresloudly 22:26 15 Aug 2003

try removing direct 9, and then re-installing, new releases of direct x have a habit of mucking up systems. you could also try re-installing the games and choose the option to install direct x8 from the games disc if it is there, sorry sil_ver think a re-format is a bit drastic at this stage:>)

  sil_ver 22:43 15 Aug 2003

Agree reformat a bit drastic but it's sometimes the least stressful way of of recovering from a crash. Windows can be a bit thick when it comes to diagnosing problems and if your not a techie (puts hand up)and no-one comes up with an answer, bite the bullet and do it.

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