Why wont my new card stay recognised?

  newface 15:14 15 Apr 2009

I installed a MosChip PCI Multi I/O card into my PC and loaded the supplied drivers ok, attached a serial device to it and everything was perfect.

However, when I tried to boot the PC the next day it kept coming up and then repowering off then on again. Eventually I hit F8 and selected to use the last good configuration.

I reloaded the drivers for the card and rebooted the PC again. Once more it went through a cycle of coming up/ powering down etc etc etc.

I have tried booting into safe mode, turning off plug and play, but it always results in the same cycle of power up/ down.

What am I doing wrong?

  OTT_Buzzard 15:21 15 Apr 2009

Take the card oput and reinstall it...
PCI cards have a habit of popping up a little bit and causing the problems you are seeing.

  newface 17:00 15 Apr 2009

Thanks OOT_BUZZARD, I will give this a go and let you know how I got on.

  newface 19:27 18 Apr 2009

I took out the PCI card, reset it making sure that it was firmly seated, rebooted, loaded the drivers etc etc got the device working. However, when I rebooted the PC I was back to it powering up and then down etc etc.

Moving the card to the other PCI slot vailable didn't help either.

Is there anything else I can try?

  phono 22:08 18 Apr 2009

Are there any conflicts showing up in device manager? Have you checked for the most up to date drivers for the card for your OS? What is the model number of the card in question?

  newface 19:19 19 Apr 2009

There are no conflicts showing up on Device Manager.
It appears as a PCI Simple Communicatiosn Controller with an ! against it saying that the device is not configured correctly.
I have downloaded the latest Windows Certified drivers from the manufacturers which when correctly loaded change its description in Device Manager to a Multi Port I/O device.

The card is PCI Multi I/O card with a MosCHIP MSC9835cv chip on it.

I just cannot understand how it is that I can install the drivers get the serial ports to communicate with external devices, but when I switch off the PC I know that I will go thru' a power up/ down cycle until I hit F8 and select to boot from last known config.

Have you any ideas where I am going wrong?

  phono 22:23 19 Apr 2009

Have you made any changes to your BIOS settings?

A good source of info can be found at click here

Particularly take a look at the recommended PnP/PCI Configurations settings at click here

  phono 22:50 19 Apr 2009

Did you get your drivers from click here

  newface 17:12 20 Apr 2009

The Bios is K7S41GX2.80

I have looked at the sites you recommended but they do not seem to be anything like what my BIOS is set up as.

For example, I cannot find anything about plug and play, and the only time PCI are mentioned are :-

PCI latency timer (set to 32)

PCI BusMaster (set as disabled)

Is there anything else you can recommend?

  phono 17:15 20 Apr 2009

I would recommend that PCI BusMaster is set to enabled, is your motherboard made by Asrock?

  newface 17:18 20 Apr 2009

yes, it is an Asrock M/B.

I will reboot now and reset the PCI BusMaster setting and let you know how I got on.


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