Why wont my modem alert me to an incoming call?

  Becca 14:34 13 Feb 2003

I need to be aware of incoming calls when on the internet. I've been told a V92 modem will do the trick, but it hasn't. I have call waiting. AOL tell me it's the modem. The computer company tell me it's AOL or BT and BT say it should work!! Help Please!!!! I'm sure it's a simple solution I just can't get to the bottom of it.

  MartinT-B 14:37 13 Feb 2003

can you post mre details please

ie make and model of the modem and which software you are using.


  MartinT-B 15:13 13 Feb 2003

emails from Becca

The make of the modem I'm not sure about - it was from Multivision, but the model was V92, which according to various sources should work - but it hasn't.

People I speak to say it may be AOL, but then one of the operators said she gets a message to say a call is coming through. I am getting such conflicting advice, I'm hoping you can shed some light on this. Thanks.

Forgot to tell you, the software is Windows XP, Office 2000.

  watchful 15:16 13 Feb 2003

There may be some answers in this thread:click here

  MartinT-B 15:23 13 Feb 2003


V92 is not the model of your modem. It is the specification of the modem type and supercedes the v90 standard!


V.92 is the new dial-up modem specification from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) that introduces three new features that will add convenience and performance for the modem user. The three features are quick connect, Modem-on-Hold™ (MOH) and PCM Upstream.

MOH is the feature that is not working for you.

click here

Does your ISP support v92?
If so, How long have they set the delay?

read through the FAQ (linked above) and talk to your isp again to check

I'd still like to know what modem you have. Do you still have the invoice/bill? That should tell you what it is.

Is it internal or external?

  Becca 18:08 13 Feb 2003

The modem description on the invoice is: 56K Internal V92 PCI Modem.

I'm impressed with your response so far - lets hope we can solve this. Many thanks.

  JGAULD 18:47 13 Feb 2003

Hi all.
I also have a V92 spec modem and Im also on AOL and as far as I know AOL do not support V92 at least thats the message I got when I tried using it, although I did not bother asking AOL as I just use BT's call diversion service (*61*) which automatically diverts my calls to my moby if my home line is busy e.g. on the net or another call.

It does cost though, you pay a fee per quarter and part of the incomming call cost also.

Depends on how important it is you get that incomming call, as I'm taking work calls its important so I dont mind the small extra calls.

  Stuartli 18:57 13 Feb 2003

Scan of Bolton sells the Internet Alert 5100 box for about £16 - this warns of incoming calls whilst surfing.

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  misery 20:26 13 Feb 2003

I had installing a V.92 modem was putting it on the mobo before installing the drivewrs and software. Removed the modem from device manager and then phisically removed the modem from the mobo, rebooted, installed the software, shut down installed the modem and reboot solved my problem.

  Becca 22:54 13 Feb 2003

All this info is a great help. Can't believe you all have been so helpful. This has been a major headache for me! Wish I had found this site earlier! Any more suggestions gratefully received!

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