Why won't my mobo run my graphic card?

  josie mayhem 23:07 04 Feb 2005

Brought an new graphic card, an gforce fx 5700 le, try has I might I can't get it up and running. It keeps losing it's signal with the monitor, this gets worse the longer I run it. I'm trying to run it on a abit kv800pro motherboard.

I've tried old and new drivers, I haven't tried omega drivers yet. I know it isn't the graphic card causing the problem because I have set it up on a asus p4b266 mobo, which sadly only has a x4 slot, but it hasn't even givien me a blink on this setup.

Differenaces between boards the asus is p4 and the abit is has a sempron processor. Both running xp home, but abit is a newer version containing sp2.

Is there any way of solving this as I want to upgrade the abit to a athlon 64 processor (when money allows) and really don't want an 8x graphic card being wasted on a 4x board.

  FelixTCat 23:20 04 Feb 2005

What happens if you delete all the drivers and restart? Ignore all of Microsoft's attempts to load drivers. It will start as a basic card at 640x480.

If it runs fine, then the problem lies with the drivers. Download the latest drivers and install them. Omega drivers are OK, but they are much better for Ati than for nVidia.

  Jeffers22 23:33 04 Feb 2005

Could it be your PSU is not delivering enough power?

  josie mayhem 23:35 04 Feb 2005

The situlations doesn't change, pondering weather I had uninstaled all drivers, I even went as far as a format of the hard drive. But what happened was it was steady untill xp needed to reboot and then I lost the monitor signal again. And the only way to retreive it was to totaly switch offf and clear comos before it would reboot with an signal and as soon as I got to the reboot part of intstalation, then the same thing happpen again, loss of signal!

I have tried to piggy back it into the system by using my pci card to get into up and running (using this on xp default drivers) and then loading drivers on and rebooting but to no avail.

  ahales42 23:51 04 Feb 2005

it sounds like a problem with the card itself. take it back to the shop, explain the problems, and ask for an exchange. hopefully that will help.

  josie mayhem 00:08 05 Feb 2005

No it coldn't be a psu problem as I have an 400watt supply, and being faulty why would it work in another mobo, which has only 300watts power and x4 slot?

P.S the other mobo used to be in the 400watt, change to upgrades

  wossie 02:51 05 Feb 2005

Had this problem and it broke me heart,on a few computers. Maybe not your problem, but try this, take out the card, reposition it making sure it is seated properly, could be as simple as that. Also make sure the refresh rate is not set too high on the monitor, had mine set to 120Hz and it tripped out after a while, 75Hz min is OK. Have fun.

  User-312386 02:55 05 Feb 2005

Do you have onboard graphics? Have they been disabled?

  josie mayhem 19:46 05 Feb 2005

I've tried reseating it, and no joy, an no onboard graphic card.

refreash rate was set to 60hz, unless this might casuse a problem the monitor is a prolife crt and about 3 years old, the monitor for the computer that the graphic card is on is a very old model, can't tell you how old has I got it from work, when I sorted out a cupboard full of old computer kit, and belive you me the computer bases in there, were from the ark.

  josie mayhem 19:50 06 Feb 2005

I am very glad and releived to say I've resloved the issue.

It took sevral hours (frustrated and determined)to sort it.

What I did in the end, piggy backed the card, with my old card. I manged to find a newer version of my via 4-in-1 chipset drivers and a newer version for my graphic card. At this point I still had the fx drivers still installed.

I then removed the 4-in-1 drivers and installed the new ones. Then shutdown, I then removed my old card and rebooted, but had the same problem, but this time it didn't start untill 1/2 of use and decided to go onto the net, then it kept blanking out unitll it eventrualy froze the system.

Reinserted my old card again, rebooted removed fx drivers firstly via the add/removed program and then used Driver Cleaner pro, to ensure that no divers remained, then installed the newer drivers for the fx card, shutdown removed old card and here I am with out a flicker.

Now alls what left to do, is load a game to see how it preforms and once I'm staified it's up and running without any problems, is to put the computer back together again!!! ohh and to tick this tread resloved.

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