Why won't monitor work?

  justjill 17:48 24 Sep 2005

I have just bought a new PC. After setting up the new PC, I set up the old PC in order to transfer my files to the new one, but the old monitor did not seem to be working - it immediately went into standby mode. Thinking that perhaps the monitor had broken, I decided to share the new monitor between the PCs but when connected to the old PC, the new monitor also went into standby mode. Does anyone know why neither monitor will work on the old PC? And what is the easiest option for transferring files from the old computer to the new computer? The new PC doesn't have a floppy drive and I don't have a Windows XP CD so I can't use the Windows XP transfer wizard. I had planned to use a program called Transfer My PC instead but it requires the old PC to be connected to a monitor. Can anyone help?

Many thanks.


  dewskit 18:02 24 Sep 2005

Have you moved the old computer to make space for the new one? If so, possibly the Video card has become displaced slightly. Try taking it out and pressing it back firmly into it's socket

  dan11 18:03 24 Sep 2005

I don't think it is anything to do with the monitor. It sounds as if something may have been dislodged. have you moved the old machine base unit. The graphics card, if it has one, is usually the prime item. They do not need much movement to dislodge them.

It will probably mean opening the case and checking all the connections, not difficult but can be daunting the first time.

We don't know your level of confidence, would you be prepared to delve into the computer?

usually the easiest way to transfer the data is to install the old hard drive as a slave drive in the new machine. You will then be able to see all the data you need. Ten just drag and drop to the new hard drive. Indeed you could leave the old drive in the new machine and leave the data there ready for use.

Even that method would involve opening the cases of the machines, taking out one hard drive and swapping it to the new computer.

  lixdexik 18:05 24 Sep 2005

when the machine is booting up? if so then perhaps you could start up in safe mode and go into the control panel and see if anything has changed in the display settings like sleep or hibernation settings.

Just clutching at straws here but perhaps worth a try.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Diemmess 18:07 24 Sep 2005

If both monitors "go into standby mode" then there is a fault on the old PC.......... Are you sure it is really Standby, or is it that a monitor is just not getting any signal from the PC.

You might try (after opening the box) making sure the video card hasn't shifted slightly. With the PC switched off pull the card out and re-seat it thoroughly and make sure the monitor-PC cable is well pushed home.

  justjill 19:53 24 Sep 2005

The problem was indeed the graphics card. I've been inside the machine and it's all sorted now. Many thanks :)

  woodchip 20:10 24 Sep 2005

I would say the old compute PSU as gone walk abouts

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