why, when pressing F11 stop internet.....

  Rosie-Ann 13:39 04 May 2008

My daughter pressed F11 on my keyboard and it stops the internet coming up and I have to go to internet options to advanced settings and restore manufactures settings which takes me to internet explorer 7 as if I have just downloaded it. This is very annoying is there another way I can stop F11 doing this instead of going through all of this all the time, as she keeps doing it thinking she is pressing backspace. Thanks any advice would be great.

  rossgolf 13:42 04 May 2008

f11 put ie7 into full screen

  Rosie-Ann 13:52 04 May 2008

It does not put it into full screen, it stops it opening up completley.

  rossgolf 13:54 04 May 2008

do you have f11 assigned to a shortcut?? like if you have a keyboard with programmable button you may be able to assign shortcuts

  Si_L 14:03 04 May 2008

Pop the button out with a key or a screwdriver.

My new keyboard had a power button where the old one had print screen, the number of times I shut it down accidently...

  Colin 14:14 04 May 2008

What happens when you press F11 for a second time?

  Rosie-Ann 16:39 04 May 2008

If i press it a second time it does nothing at all, as I said it seems I have to restore the internet again, F11 used to make the screen bigger but somehow it does not do that anymore and I cant keep restoring the internet im sure this isnt anygood for my computer, am not sure where or how I can put this action back to what its supposed to do.

  lotvic 02:56 05 May 2008

partial quote from click here (10th post down)
""I believe that when you hit F11 IE7 makes changes to registry files to remember that you are in full screen mode for the next time that you start the program. There was anti spyware program that was installed on the computer and it monitored changes to registry files initiated from the browser. Every time that IE7 tried to make the registry change the anti-spyware program would shut IE7 down as an unauthorized registry change, and since IE7 was "remembering" that it was supposed to try to be in full screen mode the last time it was used it kept trying to do so and kept getting shut down by the security program.
....if someone is having problems with their F-11 functions... check their antispyware programs to see if they are blocking registry entries and see if they can make an exception rule for IE7.""

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