Why is a USB adaptor needed witth some routers

  julius44 10:45 15 Feb 2007

hello i'm considering getting DSL router as i may going over to Virgin media for DSL broadband, i have seen some routers online and they also have a usb adaptor included...WHY is this needed, i really need to know this is the site i went its the netgear WPN 824 from pc world to.....click here

  bennyhillslovechild 10:57 15 Feb 2007

That particular router offers wireless networking, as well as wired connection through ethernet. The USB adaptor is included in the price as a value added extra and will add wireless to a desktop pc or laptop allowing you to connect to the router and internet without cables.

  julius44 11:38 15 Feb 2007

okay bennyhills child thanks a lot, so in your opinion...do u think this kind of option is good for me....as i don't wanna open up my pc for anything.....and if i do go for this option, does this mean that i NO LONGER will have to connect the from the fone line to my router??? if u could kindly explain in detail how this would work pls, thanks

  bennyhillslovechild 11:46 15 Feb 2007

No the router will still need to be plugged in. The wireless connection, should you decide to use it, means the PC can connect to the router wirelessly.

  julius44 11:55 15 Feb 2007

oh now i understand. bennyhillschild ..so u that means if i go woth the wireless adaptor that means that i dont have to connect the router to the pc?? thanks...oh by the way do u think the Netgear is a good option?? as i'll be moving to virgin media soon and its a DSL router, also i'll be sharing my connections with my playstation 2 and 3. Do u think this router would be fast n powerful enuff??

  bennyhillslovechild 12:02 15 Feb 2007

The Netgear routers seem to have a good reputation. I don't use one myself, so can't give a review, but know several people who use one and they seem to be happy with them.

  Strawballs 12:37 15 Feb 2007

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