Why two partitions?

  night 14:17 14 Oct 2008

Hi, I installed the Vista Home premium on my Gateway computer over XP Media. In order to make things run as smoothly as possible, I chose the "strongly recommended option" which was to reformat the hard drive first. So why have I now got two partions, C:\ AND D:\?

I use the C:\ drive but have no idea what is in the D:\ drive partition or why it is there.

And how would it affect any problems should I need to reinstall Windows Vista should my computer crash?

Regards night

  night 14:18 14 Oct 2008

I forgot to mention that I installed the Vista Upgrade and not the whole software.

  Diemmess 15:15 14 Oct 2008

My guess is that the original Gateway installed OS had a hidden partition containing the files needed for recovery from a 'ruined' system.

Now you have overriden all that, the partition is visible.

To reveal more about D: - Have you tried looking in My Computer, right click on drive D: choose Properties, and you should see details of what if anything is stored there, and the size of this particular partition.

Once you know what is there it is so much easier to decide what to do with it.

  night 16:01 14 Oct 2008

Hi Diemmess,

The partition is 4.59GB, 3.00GB of which is occupied. By a System Restore Folder which is empty.

Does that tell you anything?

  night 16:11 14 Oct 2008

sorry, it's 3.00GB which is FREE, not occupied. And yet it states in properties that the empty folder size is only 414Kb. It also has 4 files inside according to Properties, and yet when I open it, it's empty!

  Rahere 16:15 14 Oct 2008

Presumably you have enough space on the drive so don't have to worry about less than 5Gb for a partition?

Don't mess with it! Most modern branded PC's have a partition where backup operating system files are kept these are used to restore Vista if it goes wrong.

  Rahere 16:19 14 Oct 2008

There are hidden files on every system, they are hidden from users by default for good reasons and there are likely to be some in your system restore folder - if you are interested you can look at these hidden/protected files but again I shouldn't mess with them.

  night 16:41 14 Oct 2008

so if these are System Restore files in the D:\ drive partition, they are for Vista and are nothing to do with XP?

  Rahere 16:44 14 Oct 2008

I guess so, were they there when you had XP MCE??

You could check the date of the folder to see if it matches Vista folders but as you did an upgrade I can't tell you if anything XP would be left over from the upgrade.

Anyone else know more about upgrades from XP MC to Vista?

  night 17:05 14 Oct 2008

Well I have now checked System Properties and the System Restore points are saved to C:\ not D:\ so again I'm puzzled as to what is in the D:\ partition.

Before I upgraded to Vista Home Premium from XP Media there was no D:\ partition. I noticed it as soon as Vista had been installed.

I chose to upgrade using the "strongly recommended" type of the two choices whereby the computer was reformatted first and everything was erased off the hard drive before installing Windows Vista. I made no backup manually, and I made no partition so it's all a puzzle to me.

  night 17:07 14 Oct 2008

The reason I'm worried about it is if I should at some stage have to reinstall Vista, will the D:\ drive play a part in it not?

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