why is there always something else to by ?

  greyballs 10:02 24 Aug 2009

hi silly me i bought a vga cable from asda £5,the box said to connect laptop to tv seemed straight foward but no sucsess looked on the net and discovered i need a convertor £35 (all i wanted was to play chess etc on the big screen)
is this right

  Grey Goo 10:55 24 Aug 2009

Some TV's have a VGA connector,others do not.

  greyballs 11:04 24 Aug 2009

hi my tv dose have a vga connector ?

  Grey Goo 11:13 24 Aug 2009

What is the problem. You can connect the 2 up I presume. You need to select PC on the TV external list then to receive a picture you have to press the "fn" key on the laptop together with whatever "F" number outputs the signal. Should tell you in the manual. You may have to adjust the resolution of your video card to fill the TV screen. You will need a separate audio cable if you want the sound to come from the TV or it will come from the laptop.

  greyballs 11:36 24 Aug 2009

thanks for that its fn + f1 but will have to dig out the tv instructions ,but i understand now so thanks for that grey goo

  ambra4 14:06 24 Aug 2009

Using the remote control of the TV look for a button mark “ Input” “Source” “Video” this

button will allow you to select the difference type of incoming signal to the TV using the up

down buttons

Example: - Video 1 – Video 2 – Cable – Air – HDMI 1 – PC – Etc

  ambra4 14:12 24 Aug 2009

To set up the computer to use the external monitor you need to do the following

Hold down the FN key and press the F1 (CRT/LCD) key

Display will change as follows: -

Press once laptop display only

Press again external display only

Press again both laptop and external display

You must hold down the FN key each time you press the CRT/LCD key

You have to set the laptop to show both laptop and external displays, if set to external

display only, the display will default back to the laptop display every time you power on

or reboot the laptop

Depending in the size of the monitor you will have to adjust the screen resolution for the

display to fill the monitor screen

Right click on windows desktop-properties-setting and change the screen resolution to

the correct size

  gengiscant 03:25 27 Aug 2009

Will try this myself ambra4

  Wrabitt 16:25 31 Aug 2009

Hugh aboot a dikshonerri?

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