Why so many updates everytime I shut down??

  Sabi 11:56 06 Mar 2009


I am experiencing something strange; for the past 10 days when I turn off my computer, and get a window for "stand by" "turn off" or "restart", I get
Click turn off to install important updates and turn off your computer>>

I am confused for how many updates I am getting every day and how can I check what updates they are???

Your help will be appreciated.

Many thanks


  johndrew 12:04 06 Mar 2009

Updates for what?

  awest3 14:47 06 Mar 2009

assuming they are MS windows updates then it would suggest that the updates are failing each time they try to download/install. You need to look at your update history to check.

In Vista press the Windows key, type Windows Update, and press Enter. Click "View update history" in the left pane.


  Sabi 20:03 07 Mar 2009

Hi awest3;

Thank you for your reply.

I checked my update history which made me even more confused!!!

It showed; the same update "KB967715" had been updating successfully since 26 Feb 09 as it has a green tick next to it !!!! How is that possible??

Any idea?
Many thanks
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  awest3 13:36 08 Mar 2009

Not quite sure why this is happening but you are not alone..found this..

"I have had a similar problem with my Dell xps M140. Starting on 2/24/09
until today (3/4/09) KB967715 has intalled 16 times. During this period,
there have been no other updates installed. My wife is having the same
problem with her HP and so is my Dell desktop computer. Each installation
appears to be completed, but at the next shut-down, the installation is

Today (3/5/09) I went to the update site and down-loaded and installed 5
high priority updates -- don't know if they will fix the problem but
Microsoft should be aware of the problem with KB967715"

so there does seem to be a problem but @i've not seen anything about a fix yet..


  awest3 13:39 08 Mar 2009

this seems to offer a possible dolution...but its a bit involved...

"There have been reports in the Microsoft Windows Update newsgroup of XP systems being reoffered KB967715 after a supposed sucessfull installation. What is most likely causing this issue is security software that 'guards' the registry against 'unwanted' changes.
The following steps may help to resolve this reoffering issue.

1) Check to see if KB967715 is listed in Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.
2) If it is listed [ and even if it's not ], show hidden files, folders, and system files
2) Using Windows Explorer, navigate to WINDOWS\system32
Check the Version of shell32.dll by right clicking it, choose Properties, and then click the Version tab.
For XP SP2, shell32.dll should be at Version 6.0.2900.3402 IF the update partially installed but did not set the registry subkey that is included with KB967715
For XP SP3, shell32.dll should be at Version 6.0.2900.5622 IF the update partially installed but did not set the registry subkey that is included with KB867715,
3) IF shell32.dll is now at the proper Version, open Notepad. Copy & paste the text inside of the lines into it:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Make sure Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 is at the *very top* of the file to be saved.
Click File, Save As, name the file HonorAutoRun, click the drop down arrow next to Save as Type and choose All Files, click the Save button.

*Right* click HonorAutoRun.reg and choose Merge.
You should get a message that information in the file has been successfully into the registry.

The steps above will accomplish the same thing as installing KB967715 as long as shell32.dll is the *proper* version. If it is not, then manually download KB967715 from here and *save* it after merging HonorAutoRun.reg:
click here ... 4ecfb35d74

*NOTE*: The update one can obtain from KB953252 [KB950582] is the *exact* same update as KB967715 BUT the manual download page does NOT require a system to pass Validation, as the one for KB967715 does:
click here ... 21D7B8DAA5

I just downloaded KB950582, extracted the updates contents and KB950582 installs the same shell32.dll Version as KB967715. As to why one requires Validation and the other does not ... ask MS."

you may want to wait awhile for something perhaps a bit easier.


  awest3 13:45 08 Mar 2009

Maybe a bit easier....

"I had the same problem and emailed microsoft and did everything they said but same problem then ran across someone else and tried what they said. First go to windows update and check hide update. Then unistall KB967715 from add & remove programs restart computer. Download KB967715
from microsoft download page and start computer in safe mode and install. I no longer have the shield and when you go microsoft update the problem is solved. Hope it works for you as it can drive you nuts. Sandra"


  Sabi 21:21 08 Mar 2009

Thanks for your replies guys :-)

My mind is at the rest knowing that I am not the only one experiencing this problem!
Nevertheless since "KB967715" is getting installed continuously, I can’t see any other updates being installed in “history”!
Also there is no "KB967715” in Add/Remove programs hence I can't delete anything!
Any ideas???

Thanks for the data you sent but I am technical enough to try it especially the for registry!

Many thanks


  Sea Urchin 21:38 08 Mar 2009

In Add/Remove put a tick in the box at the top 'Show Updates' and then KB967715 will be listed.

  Sea Urchin 21:43 08 Mar 2009

PS You'll need to close Add/Remove and then reopen for it to appear

  FatboySlim71 23:38 08 Mar 2009

If your computer is new, you always tend to get a lot of updates coming through as there will have been quite a number of Windows Updates from when your operating system was installed/released.

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