Why single out 1 screen name from the wide world?

  Diemmess 17:09 28 Oct 2008

A friend and I use email for passing memos about our involvement in village affairs.

He is not one to waste any of his own time trying to correct a computer fault which doesn't directly affect him, but I think the trouble lies in his computer!

If he emails me, even with attachments no problem.

If I email him, or even to reply to his address - no message, or message returned. just vanishes.

If I use my alternative screen name (with same provider), he gets the email.

If I use my normal screenname but send to his wife (same provider as her husband), just different lead-in, again it arrives as it should.

It seems therefore to be a blackball effect which snuffs my attempts to reach his address.

I have no similar trouble with any other email as far as I know but I think this bother is several months old.

I am unfamiliar with Plusnet, Yahoo and Firefox which he uses, so I'm offering this hopefully for a "simple" solution.

  justme 19:57 28 Oct 2008

Sounds to me like your friend has at some time marked an e-mail from you as spam and his e-mail program is either blocking you or sending it to a junk file.

  Diemmess 09:23 29 Oct 2008

Thanks justme.
I am thinking along the same lines as you are.
I believe he has time-expired McAfee AV stuff and is relying on Firefox to protect him.

He tells me he is constantly reminded to pay for McAfee, and cannot get rid of it (McAfee).

I do not want to give him wrong advice so perhaps simplify the problem and ask -

Is there safe but effective software to remove completely all traces of McAfee?
Lots of possibles in Google but which method is best?

  rdave13 10:23 29 Oct 2008

Try this from McAfee; click here

  iscanut 10:28 29 Oct 2008

Firefox will not protect him, it's not an AV or Anti Spyware or Firewall. By all means remove McAfee, but tell him to make sure he has something else in place.

  Diemmess 13:48 29 Oct 2008


That looks like the one to use thank you.
Are you (like me) stll plugging away with AOL?

Currently I pay £9.99 for a Silver service. When the connection is going well the download has risen as high as 2115 but can still slow up to almost nothing about 2 days every three weeks.

Since 'silver' had a limit of 2000kbps but is now no longer marketed, I feel I should have better than 2000 as normal, but my snail mail letter to the Vice-President in Southampton has yet to generate a reply (8 days)


Thanks for that comment.
I understand it, but he probably doesn't realise that McAfee is all that stands guard over him at present.
What I hope to make him do is to download say AVG and Zone Alarm first but not install them.

Come offline and then clear McAfee, before installing the new software and last of all going on line again

  rdave13 23:43 29 Oct 2008

Yes, still plugging away. You've done better than me as I pay the original £14.99 pm for Silver. No complaints, though, as my speed is rock solid unless I disconnect the router. Tested disconnecting router over night and it takes two to three days for it to stabalise to about 2100 kb/s. Done the test three times and results are the same.
Could be something to do with the quality of my line?
As for McAfee removal tool it works well. A family member's PC was in a mess a few weeks ago and had occation to use the removal tool.
As for the security issue then Avast home and Comodo for me.

  Diemmess 08:36 30 Oct 2008

.............Thanks very much for your input.
We were both involved earlier this year in all sorts of speculation and grief from other forum contributors when many different ISPs were having a torrid time promising the earth and delivering far less.

The problem that prompted this question is shelved while my friend is away, but I'm sure I have enough now to sort it when he's back.

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