why no text in banner on home page? (NOF)

  mco 20:25 12 Nov 2005

I altered the banner in the 'style' view of Netobjects fusion and now, on all other pages the text - pagename - shows up fine, but not on the home (index)page - it's just a blank banner. I must have missed something dead obvious as previously everything came up fine on all pages!

  mco 23:57 12 Nov 2005

I've looked at the html where it refers to the banner and the ALT refers to another pagetitle - in fact it seems to change according to where I've been looking previously.In the version that's online now it's 'weather'; in the one I'm working on offline it's 'year9' - how on earth do I get it to say what it ought to? I can't change that bit of html in the html source.
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  Jarvo 09:19 13 Nov 2005

either editing in HTML view in NOF (sorry i don't no the program) or alternatively open the page file with notepad and edit manually.

you have

SRC="./geog4ubanner.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="Weather"

change to

SRC="./assets/images/geog4ubanner.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="banner"

save and make sure the banner image is in your images folder for the site

this should work, it looks like for some reason NOF has not named the image correctly



  Jarvo 09:28 13 Nov 2005

you seem to be using a automatic function for creating banners in which case your code should read

SRC="../assets/images/autogen/geog4ubanner.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="banner"

making sure the image is in the autogen folder of the image file of your site

if the image is not in this folder try to find it and place it there or delete the banner and create a new one



  mco 10:31 13 Nov 2005

thanks - I'll have a look when I get onto my laptop where the site is but if I recall correctly, that bit ALT= weather or banner or whatever, in the NOF html source was uneditable ie, it wouldn't let me alter it. Will get back to you - anyone on NOF around?

  Forum Editor 13:18 13 Nov 2005

The banners auto-generate the text from the page titles.

  mco 13:21 13 Nov 2005

This is dreadful! I can see where the html is and it's as you say, but I can't alter the html on the home page - nor can I find the appropriately-named image in the autogen folder (I can find all the other pages' banners)I tried deleting and starting again, but still the home page seems to have a mind of its own and will not act the same as the other pages.

  mco 13:39 13 Nov 2005

Well I've cut the banner out in an attempt to try again: now I have no banner at all !
This is how I thought I was meant to do it - tell me where I'm going wrong:
I went to Style view - the current style is a Nof London/maroon/cocoa one. I clicked on the banner and then browsed to my hard drive where I kept the banner I'd made previously. I opened that, then went to 'set style - and er - well - no banner.

  mco 14:14 13 Nov 2005

Just been reading the help section and it says to add a banner (since I seem to have lost mine!) get the banner tool from the navigation flyout of the standard toolbar...well, I assume the standard toolbar is that one on the left where you get images/links/tables etc - so what is the navigation flyout that will get me the banner tool? Sorry for sounding thick; I seem to be ok with difficult stuff but struggling with the easy stuff!

  ade.h 14:48 13 Nov 2005

How's things; not too good at the mo I guess!

The standard toolbar is the one below the menu bar, with all the small icons on it. Not the NOF tools bar that you describe. The navigation button is the one that you use to create a new set of links or a navbar. If you hold it, you'll get a flyout and one of those is for new banners.

Also, let me know what each of your masterborder types are and which one you're using on each page. Your choice of masterborder is crucial to the appearance of banners and any other objects that reside in that area. For example, to allow customisation of navbars and other objects, I create a unique masterborder for every page so that any changes stay only on that page.

Hope that helps.

  mco 14:50 13 Nov 2005

will go back there now and have a look. The site (without today's messing) is here so I guess the source view will tell you about the master border types. I was under the impression that 'master border' meant the same for every page - er that being its whole point! -so I assumed mine is the same for every page.
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