WHY new drivers

  Andsome 09:16 28 Mar 2003

I am always puzzled at the number of reply on this forum which suggest checking for latest drivers, as a solution for a problem. Surely if a product is new it should work properly. I am on my third computer and have NEVER installed new drivers for anything. If a product works when new, why should there suddenly be a need for new drivers? Forgive me, but I am completely in the dark regarding the actual workings of a computer, but if original drivers work when the product is new, why should they suddenly stop working???

  MAJ 09:34 28 Mar 2003

New drivers are sometimes needed to fix problems that weren't apparent when the device was first released, or were apparent but rushed out to meet demand before being fully tested, the recent introduction of XP being an example, Andsome. Then you have new hardware and software coming out that wasn't around when the original drivers were released. These new devices and software can cause conflicts with the old drivers. Then you just have the new drivers to increase functionality of the related device.

  graham 09:40 28 Mar 2003

One reason may be that a manufacturer may say his product will work on XP, but when you instal it, it doesn't work. The product may have been on the shelf for months or years, and in the meantime things have moved on. So you have to go to the manufacturer's site where they have developed new drivers to make it work.

  Andsome 10:23 28 Mar 2003

I think that you have probably answered my qustion up to a point. I just get puzzled though when I think that a computer that I bought refurbished about three or more years ago. is still in daily use by my daughter, without any new drivers having been installed. Her old computer wich is probably a hell of a lot older than that, with a CPU of 250MHz and 32 RAM is now in use by a friend. I installed Windows 98 for her to replace the 95 installation, and everything is working perfectly.

  sil_ver 10:30 28 Mar 2003

If it aint broke don't fix it

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