Why is nero not giving me full features?

  boldswede 12:37 14 Jun 2007

Hi, ive got win xp media, Ive got a dvdrw and when i first got it, it worked fine. But recently i noticed that when i open nero i dont get the option to make a mp3 cd and many others are missing. Alos ive check my media player and when i click on the burn tab, it comes up with "connect a burner and restart the player". Ive check the setting in nero they are all fine, my computer reconises it as a DVDRW so i cant work out why? A few people have said to me it might be some software blocking it or something? pleeeeeease help its really getting on my tits. thanks

  A-Nonymous 12:41 14 Jun 2007

Nero is a nightmare with DVDRW drives. I have one and it wont recognise it at all. If you want to burn an mp3 cd why not use WMP11 and select burn data disc.

  boldswede 12:49 14 Jun 2007

well i can make a data cd in nero, and i know its the same but i want my features back and media player reconising my drive, something is obviously worng and i want it put right. Any other suggestions?

  jimv7 12:56 14 Jun 2007

Check your version of nero and update if you can do so.

  boldswede 13:05 14 Jun 2007

newest availible.

  xania 13:30 14 Jun 2007

I had the same problem with a brand new DVDRW, with XP Pro and Nero 6 Reloaded. Old one would not write to DVD+R but was otherwise ok = new one refused to write to anything. Supplier tested in with Nero 7.7 and it was fine.

  joten 14:45 14 Jun 2007

uninstall/reinstall check options you want as nero can skip loading some files it is worth taking the time to make sure the option you want is selected then try it out

  boldswede 14:45 14 Jun 2007

does any one know what sort of programs might block it from wokring? just so i can have a look and see if it sorts it out? cheers.

  Stuartli 14:49 14 Jun 2007

Certainly not with my Sony GA170.....

  pj123 15:12 14 Jun 2007

What version of Nero do you have?.

I have only ever had problems with Nero 7 but went back to Nero 6 and updated to and have had no problems since.

  scolley 15:28 14 Jun 2007

i had nero on my pc but my son uninstalled, it, can i get it back i dont have the cd, to run it, can i get all the files i need of the net, ??

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