Why is my video file so large?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:52 22 Dec 2005

Hi all

I'm experimenting with getting video off my analogue camcorder onto my PC.

I've transferred a video and the resulting file size is *huge*.

The tooltip says the duration is 35mins and the size of the file is 11.6gb. Me thinks I've done something wrong! The birate is 1411kbps is that very high? Would it result in a massive file size?

The file in question is an AVI file, I used nero to get it off the camcorder via my tv tuner card. I really want to convert it to mpeg but the filesize is going to be even bigger, isn't it?

Any ideas, please?


  stalion 21:54 22 Dec 2005

you need mpeg avi is the largest file size by a big margin I do not know how you get 11.6gb that is about 2.5 hours of video in avi

  stalion 22:04 22 Dec 2005

if your tv tuner card has mpeg capture in mpeg

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:07 22 Dec 2005

the reason I encoded it as avi is that nero can't read the resulting file if I encode to mpeg, I assumed this was because I don't have the plugin (and don't want to pay for it!)

I have windows media encoder 9, can this capture video from my TV card? .wmv will be much smaller, I'm sure.

If it matters I'm using Tmpgenc to transfer the file into an mpeg.

  stalion 22:09 22 Dec 2005

yes wmv is much smaller the higher the quality you select the bigger the file avi is the best but the files are huge

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:18 22 Dec 2005

and it can capture video from my TV card, so probably my best bet would be to capture from the card, and encode to wmv and then use tmpgenc to convert to mpeg.

Unless anyone has a better suggestion?

Thanks for your help so far, stalion

  woodchip 22:32 22 Dec 2005

This is best if you can save as it's small click here

  GroupFC 22:37 22 Dec 2005

.avi files are usually very large because they are raw (i.e uncompressed) footage. I have seen advice on here and elsewhere that 4/5 mins of .avi is about 1GB. This is borne out by some of my file sizes (3GB - 14mins, 1.1GB - 5 mins, 1.7 GB - 7 mins).

I don't know how stalion gets 11.6 to be 2.5 hrs, I would have said it is more likely to be just under an hour (if I have done the maths right!). Having said that that size does look on the large size for your 35mins!

There was a similar problem posted here a little while ago where file sizes were huge (and mm2 kept crashing), which seemed to be caused by a codec problem click here

also have a trawl through these pages click here

"I really want to convert it to mpeg but the filesize is going to be even bigger, isn't it?" - No. as I understand it, mpeg and wmv will result in smaller file sizes, because they compress the video.


  GroupFC 22:43 22 Dec 2005

I would add that the file format for captured video depends to some extent on what you are going to do with the end product, .avi files obviously being the highest quality.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:51 22 Dec 2005

I'm taking a look at the papajohn site now, although I'm not sure if it will be relevant to me as I am not using movie maker?

I'm not too concerned about quality as the video is going to have to have a number of re-encodings for me to use it.

Basically, I need to get the video off the camcorder using any format I can (preferably mpeg to skip the next step) then encode the video to mpeg, then split the video into separate video and audio files and, finally, transcode those two files into another format (a proprietary -very-near-to-mpeg format), joing them at the same time.

I have split the 35 minute file into two, one 5 minutes and one thrity minutes, mpeg files, these combined are marginally over 1gb in size, much better!

  woodchip 22:52 22 Dec 2005

ASF is Mpeg4

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