Why is my processor not running at full capacity?

  WNS Ltd 17:32 18 Feb 2004

Hi i have a K7SOM+ Motherboard Version 5.1 and my processor is an AMD Athlon 1800+ but my proceesor is only displaying 1.15GHz. What can i do to solve this problem and get full capacity out of my processor?

  bremner 17:37 18 Feb 2004

You need to change the FSB speed in the BIOS to 133 from 100

  WNS Ltd 17:39 18 Feb 2004

Bremner - i have tried changing the FSB speed in the BIOS to 133 from 100 but it goes back to 100 again.

  bremner 17:40 18 Feb 2004

In that case you may need to change a jumper on the motherboard. Have a look in the manual - I will find one on the web and have a look too.

  WNS Ltd 17:42 18 Feb 2004

bremner - thanks, very much appreciated

  bremner 17:58 18 Feb 2004

From the manual

In the BIOS under 'CPU PnP setup' you should be able to change to 133MHZ.

Under 'Installing the processor'it states

"you may be able to change these settings by making changes to the jumpers on the motherboard or changing the settings in the system Set Up utility"

but then there is no mention again of the relevant jumper in the 'Jumpers' section.

Hopefully someone else has one of these boards and may be able to shed more light.

  hugh-265156 18:13 18 Feb 2004

after changing the bios setting did you save it before exiting?

normally F10

  WNS Ltd 00:20 20 Feb 2004

In the BIOS under 'CPU PnP setup' I ahve tried changing it to 133MHZ from 100 however the next day when i turned on the computer it went back to 100 again and my problem still isnt solved. What jumpers will i have to change then?

  Gaz 25 00:40 20 Feb 2004

Are you sure you are saving it properly?

  hugh-265156 02:20 20 Feb 2004

change the setting and then press F10 key.

  Gaz 25 03:42 20 Feb 2004

If you have and its not saving it then its the CMOS/BIOS battery is duff.

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