Why is my PC sending Data?

  Tycho 12:39 31 Jul 2007

I have been surfing for an hour or so and had a look at my connection status. I noticed that it is continually sending data, even when my browser is closed. I would gues by looking at the counter that there is not much going out. About 100Bytes/s. Bytes, not kb or kB.

I run lots of security software: spyware balster, adaware, avg, a squared, spybot, zone alarm. Is there something untoward happening.

All the best


  lisa02 12:47 31 Jul 2007

"Is there something untoward happening."

Short answer is.... NOPE.

  Fingees 17:06 31 Jul 2007

The computer will communicate with the internet and visa versa, in order to check that a connection is still in place.This happens even thoh you may be idle

It's just to confirm communication to internet is still connected

  X™ 17:11 31 Jul 2007

As Fingees said. There is absolutley nothing to worry about, 100bytes is a tenth of a KB so even by that yo can tell nothing much is going on.

  Tycho 07:28 01 Aug 2007

Many thanks, all. That's good to know.


  jnevill 21:03 27 Aug 2007

I have the same situation but my computer is sending around 100 bytes a second. Should I be worried and is there any way to find out what is being sent?

  Ray5776 21:38 27 Aug 2007

Probably your bank and credit card details.
Laugh if you wish but someone cloned my Amex card this way.
Hope I am wrong in your case.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:15 27 Aug 2007

Your computer is sending electronic handshakes all the time to identify itself on the network. When you view a webpage you are not going to the page but the page is coming to you so the Net has to know your address. All the time your computer is sending out 'come and get me' messages and these are the bytes that you have seen.

Tales of home computers sending out personal details are apocryphal.

  six-h 22:40 27 Aug 2007

I am also concerned about unexpected activity, but more concerned about cpu than internet transmission, so I am in the habit of leaving Task Manager running in the sys tray, and sometimes find that there is unexpected cpu activity, investigation shows it's usually explorer.exe.
I am not comfortable with this and on occasions have shut down explorer, alarmingly, this activity occasionally continues even though Task Manager shows no processes are running!
Am I paranoid,or is this benign?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:04 27 Aug 2007

Do a virus check and spyware check but you probably are being paranoid. Windows will also check for updates etc. You have more chance of hitting the 6 Lotto numbers than of being hacked on a home computer.


  six-h 23:11 27 Aug 2007

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>,
I do run spybot and adaware regularly, and have spywareblaster installed, but the paranoia still grips you!!...;-)

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