Why is my PC not starting

  Chaz2004 17:19 08 Sep 2004

Evertime i push the on button to start up my PC it just keeps on saying Error! a press andyketo reboot. But when i prees any key it just says it again and again and the last thing i was doing with it was playin a game.

Anyonw know what is wrong with it?

  howard60 17:29 08 Sep 2004

check that no cables have pulled partly out - some pcs are fussy about starting with a mouse/keyboard/monitor cable disconnected or not fully engaged. You do not say if you get the pc start up 'post' and the problem occurs when windows should start or immediately from cold.

  Gongoozler 17:29 08 Sep 2004

Hi Chaz2004. Let's start at the beginning. When you first press the power switch from cold, does the computer boot up and give a POST beep to indicate that the basic hardware is working?

  Chaz2004 17:33 08 Sep 2004

When i start it up it says DELL as it always does then it goes black and then comes uo Run Error!
Press anykey to reboot

  Chaz2004 17:34 08 Sep 2004

i have checked all cables are in but it still wont work.

  howard60 17:45 08 Sep 2004

how many beeps - this indicates the fault - you can type beep codes into google and your mobo details for a list

  howard60 17:46 08 Sep 2004

most likely memory fault - open pc touch earthed metal and then press all memory strips in

  Chaz2004 18:45 08 Sep 2004

a tried that and it never worked

  howard60 19:44 08 Sep 2004

if you are up to it - I have been here myself. Open case and remove all cables from mobo [except] fans and connections to front switches etc. leave video card in but remove other cards. remove memory. switch on and listen for beeps. If different beeps then switch off and put 1 strip of memory back in. switch on again - if it is the fault of something plugged into the mobo it should now do the post and complain of missing mouse/keyboard/operating system. then if this is the case add 1 object at a time [mouse then keyboard then hard drive etc.] until you get the problem again. this will indicate the faulty bit of kit with luck. My problem turned out to be a dead floppy drive. Good luck.

  Gongoozler 10:48 09 Sep 2004

Hi Chaz2004. Before you do anything drastic, what POST beep pattern are you getting, is it the normal short beep, a long beep, a series of beeps, or even no beep at all?

  Chaz2004 16:07 09 Sep 2004

I dont get a beep i dont think i ever have.

Not to sure but a aint getting a beep justnow??

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