Why is my modem silent

  Newuser3068 17:33 16 Nov 2004

Today I got sent a virus with an email. My Norton Antivirus trapped it OK, and quarantined it. I then deleted it from quarantine. I also updated my virus definitions and ran a full system scan - NAV says my computer is clean.
However ever since the virus, my modem has stopped making dial-up noises. It connects OK, and my dial-up number is correct (I've checked) but the modem doesn't make the usual tones when it's dialling - it's absolutely silent. I've checked the volume setting for the modem, and it's exactly the same as usual - around the middle of the scale.
I suppose it's not a major problem, but can anyone explain and/or solve this for me, please?

  Stuartli 17:30 16 Nov 2004

Start>Settings>Control Panel>Modem>highlight make and model>Properties>Modem tab>adjust slider control for volume.

  Newuser3068 17:50 16 Nov 2004

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already checked the modem volume setting. It's set just as it was before the problem arose - just above midpoint.

Not sure I understand your second response!

  Dorsai 17:58 16 Nov 2004

I can only assume that a malicious dialer installed.

so no one would notice it's devious redirection of your internet connection, it turns off the modem sound. Removal of the dialer is successfully achieved using sutable anti malware/AV (which you may have already managed to achieve), but the registry change to silence the modem remains.

Perhaps uninstall the modem drivers, and let windows auto detect the modem and re-install.

or try,

spybot click here

adaware click here

a squared. click here

which hopefull sill shift the nastie if still on your PC, and may perhaps manage to undo it's change to you modem's volume setting.

  Newuser3068 19:06 16 Nov 2004

Thanks - I had my suspicions about exactly the same idea (that something had taken over my dialler and suppressed the sound so I wouldn't notice). So I contacted my ISP's technical support line about it (in India of course!). They suggested that they should give me a new access number, which they duly did. I've created a new connection for this number, but it hasn't made any difference to the silent modem.
If I can see the correct dial-up number for my ISP in my default dial-up networking account, do you reckon I can be sure that that's the number being dialled? Or is it possible for a different number to be dialled covertly?
Thanks again for your help.

  Sans le Sou 19:27 16 Nov 2004

I had success using the method suggested by Dorsai. Turfed it all out and reinstalled.

  Stuartli 09:02 17 Nov 2004

Re second response - now deleted - was due to the fact that my original suggestion had appeared ABOVE your thread, rather than below it.

The second posting, expressing my surprise, in turn became the first in line and your thread third...:-)

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