why is my hard drive so full?

  jimmylove 19:39 07 Jun 2006

My newly reformatted sony vaio laptop has a 60GB hard drive. After formatting it this morning due to a crash (NEVER install Norton Systemworks!), it should have around 55GB available but it is showing 44GB available with the minimum of programms loaded and no media on the PC. I just don't understand what is taking up the space. There is no recovery partition (I deleted it), and documents & settings is only showing 1.5GB, programme files is 1.9GB and the main culrpit as far as I can see is the Windows folder which is 3.63GB, but that still leaves around 4 or 5GB unaccounted for. Anyone got any ideas?

  mattyc_92 19:43 07 Jun 2006

System Restore enabled?
If so, that is where your space has gone....

Right-click your drive, select "Cleanup"
Now click the other tab button (which label I can't remeber) and click the "CleanUp" button for the "System Restore" :-)

  Shortstop 19:46 07 Jun 2006

You can use easycleaner [ click here ] that as well as claning the registry & unnecessary files allows you to produce a pie-chart showing what programs are installed and how much space they take up.



  rodriguez 19:47 07 Jun 2006

The tab that mattyc_92 can't remember is More Options :-P. Also the space could have disappeared in temporary files which disk cleanup will also fix.

  mattyc_92 19:49 07 Jun 2006


Thats the one :-)


Try "CCleaner" (click here) to remove all "temporary files", "cookies", etc...

  jimmylove 19:50 07 Jun 2006

thanks guys for such a quick response. No luck with sys restore - hardly freed up any space. I guess I'll download easycleaner and have a look...

  jimmylove 20:03 07 Jun 2006

i got it! System restore settings were set to 10GB! I lowered it to around 5 and freed up a lot of space. Could I lower it to 2 or even 1GB? What would you recommend?

  ed-0 20:03 07 Jun 2006

has pointed out. At default, system restore will be using 12% of your hard drive, around 6Gb. Drop it down to around 1Gb.

Also look at your recycle bin allowance. This usually reserves 10%. That could be 5.5Gb. You can use the slider to drop it down to a few hundred Mbs.

  mattyc_92 20:04 07 Jun 2006

I personally have set mine to 5GB as I don't install/uninstall things much

It depends on how often you install, uninstall and re-install things

  ed-0 20:05 07 Jun 2006

cross posting ;-)

I think most people have the setting at around 1Gb. It should give you a good selection of restore points.

  jimmylove 20:08 07 Jun 2006

thanks a lot guys :)

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