Why is my broadband connection dropping out

  wobblymike 21:22 13 Nov 2005

I am on BT broadband with a 2MB connection which has worked fine since installation some 6 months ago. Over the last few days it has started dropping out after about 4 or 5 mins of being connected. I have ascertained that the DSL light on the modem (which is normally on solid) goes out thus causing the connection to fail the light flashes a bit then comes back on steady at which point I can connect for another 5 mins or so before it happens again. I have changed nothing on my system, I have not added anything in either. I have tried plugging the modem direct into the PC rather than through a hub, have disconnected the phone from the line no joy. Any ideas welcome.

  keewaa 21:30 13 Nov 2005

Disconnect the modem from the PC, watch the modem, if it still does this it is not related to your PC .... do you have microfilters in every phone / sky box / fax in the house. An alarms connected to the phone, any home made extensions / cords / loose phone plugs?

  wobblymike 21:34 13 Nov 2005

Thanks I can't unplug the modem it is not a powered modem it runs from the USB connection. The set up in the house has worked fine for 6 months and as it has not been touched let alone changed I don't see how that can have any bearing.

  Graham ® 08:50 14 Nov 2005

Dial 151 and ask the agent to test your line. Listen carefully, they may be in Mumbai.

  keewaa 09:38 14 Nov 2005

Even though you can't disconnect it, I think I'm correct in saying that the DSL light is independent of the computer as it indicates the supply of dsl, and hence the problem is not the computer. But someone more knowledgable would need to confirm that.

  jbaker65 09:59 14 Nov 2005

I had a similar problem which I reported to my ISP. They chased BT for a few days until they sorted it out. The problem was at the exchange end. Incidentally, my ISP (V21) phoned me every day to keep me in the picture until it was sorted.

  interzone55 10:03 14 Nov 2005

How far are you from your exchange?

It may be that you are at the limit of a 2Mb connection, therefore if the line quality has degraded it is now so poor that your modem cannot sustain a connection.

  wee eddie 10:31 14 Nov 2005

Has anyone, in the household, asked for 1571 to be enabled in the last few days.

Your mentioning of plugging direct into your PC suggests a Wireless setup. Have you any other wireless equipment in the house or has someone bought a new, DECT Phone, TV or Microwave?

  ACOLYTE 10:38 14 Nov 2005

I had the same problem some time ago it turned out that one of the filters on another phone was iffy,once i replaced this it was sorted,have you checked all the filters?.Try unplugging all the phones you have connected and just use the modem for a while see what happens, then connect them back 1 at a time and see if it disconects,if it does you found the iffy filter.

  wobblymike 07:36 16 Nov 2005

Guys the problem was the modem itself thanks for your assistance

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