Why the long wait when i start surfing ?

  grabster 19:45 20 Nov 2006

Hi, when i reboot or start my pc everything loads ok and all is dandy.
my internet connection kicks in quick when i start it up ,and i am able to download using news bin or continue downloading with DAP,but whenever i try to load ie or firefox the system just about halts for up to 10 minutes .I have had this problem for a while now and its really bugging me.
I can use windows explorer ok from the start,the problem only happens when i try to surf.
Now my system is clean,avg,adaware,a2,defender et al, ive had my hijack log examined with no nasties found.I also use ie-spyads but the problem persists with or without it running, i thought maybe it was the large host file causing probs but no.Anyone have any ideas ?

xp sp2

  skidzy 19:52 20 Nov 2006

click here if IE7 this fix will not work.

Alternatively try:

Start / Run / type MSCONFIG / select Startup and untick everything except you AV and Firewall...reboot.

Does this still happen,if not its a matter of elimination,placing a tick in each one by one should help diagnose the problem.

  [email protected] 19:54 20 Nov 2006

Try installing and running CCleaner. It will clean out loads of Temp Internet files which I suspect you have piled up ;-)
click here

  grabster 20:06 20 Nov 2006

I forgot to mention that i use ccleaner on a regular basis,between the members of my family iy must be run maybe 6 times daily, also with the issues option from timt to time as well.
As for the startup tip, thats the way my system starts up anyway,i always like to keep my startups as few as possible.
I recently moved up to ie7 but i had this problem long before and it still persists but i always use FF anyway with ie being used for windows updates and my banking site which dont work with FF.

  john-232317 20:22 20 Nov 2006

Why on earth do you crapclean so much ?
You are probably deleting all your cookies each time.

  grabster 20:29 20 Nov 2006

the reason its run so often is that the pc is used by 5-6 people most days,each with their own login.
Its called housekeeping.And ccleaner is able to pick and choose which cookies to clan and which to leave alone anyway.

  grabster 06:02 21 Nov 2006


  Das Boot 07:36 21 Nov 2006

I suspect it is News Bin

  grabster 19:25 21 Nov 2006

its defo not news bin, i only mentioned nbin to show that i am able to use it to download if i wish but any attempts at surfing result in the initial delay.

  grabster 19:40 21 Nov 2006

HMMM... the internet connection has been active for the last hour or so so i closed the connection,give it a minute then restarted the connection again.The same problem occurred so it looks as though it aint just happening at bootup.
Theres obviously a bottleneck somewhere.

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