why has my disk drive compartment been removed when my lap top was fixed

  norrisnovice 16:48 29 Jan 2014

i recently took my laptop in for repair following liquid spillage which caused lapop to malfunction .To cut a long story short the repair shop said the problem was fixed when it wasnt then told me he lapop was a write off . imagine my surprise some days later when i booted it up and it works fine . however i noticed that my disk compartment had been removed from lapop. i dont really use it but will this cause me any problems should i need o install anything in future and is this common in a suspected liquid damage repair

  Ian in Northampton 17:33 29 Jan 2014

I'd have said "yes, absolutely". The repair shop would have had to take the laptop apart as much as they could to search for, and try to eliminate, any water that had got in. I'd have been surprised if they didn't remove the hard drive. It shouldn't cause you any problems in future - especially if, as you say, your laptop has now miraculously sprung back to life.

How did you notice it had been removed?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 29 Jan 2014

I assume you mean the DVD drive?

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