Why has Forum display changed?

  canarieslover 15:21 02 Feb 2012

This morning the Forums were centred on screen with ads either side. I have logged in again this afternoon and all the Forums are on the left side of the screen. I have made no alterations to any software, in fact the computer has been off since I last logged in. Is anyone else had this change? Win7 64bit and Chrome are in use.

  john bunyan 15:30 02 Feb 2012
  cocteau48 15:42 02 Feb 2012

Do not know if this is relevant when using Chrome but this is the fix for Firefox:

If you are using Adblock Plus then open the list of blockable items (right click on taskbar icon) and look for the stylesheet:


and disable it.

Hope this helps

  canarieslover 16:08 02 Feb 2012


I have just disabled Adblock and display has gone back to normal. None the wiser as to why it should be so as there was no notification of an update this morning. I will put it down to just being another of computing's little mysteries. Only seemed to affect Chrome as it was O.K. in Firefox.

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