Why firefox?

  Depakjan 20:58 18 Jul 2006

Why everyone is using firefox and ie 6.. While opera is definitely superior because it has all the features which firefox and ie has.. And also many features which both firefox and ie 6 does not have.. Its weird only less people use it.. Opera is fast.. Opera has 'copy to note' option which is very useful.. Opera has great looks.. Using Opera you can resume your previous browsing session even after you switch off your pc .. And if you have accidently closed the browser.. Only opera can take you back on track easily.. This is one of best feature which opera offers..Other browsers do nothing.. Opera's wand is great..Opera's downloads occur within the same window itself.. But firefox opens a new window for downloads which is annoying.. Whats more.. Opera has a mobile edition which none have.. What else do you want..

  dontmeshwithme 21:03 18 Jul 2006

I used opera about 3 years ago and couldn't get on with it, so I stuck with IE. I then started using Firefox and to put it bluntly the tabbed browsing and RSS support sold it for me. Having said that if Opera also has tabbed browsing, I would be prepared to give it another look.

  ade.h 21:33 18 Jul 2006

Opera does have tabbed browsing!

  ade.h 21:35 18 Jul 2006

"But firefox opens a new window for downloads"

Not that I've noticed, except where forced to do so by the website. You probably just missed a setting option.

  octal 22:00 18 Jul 2006

I use Opera as my preferred browser, I find it the fastest out of all the browsers on my system (Linux) its got some nice features like RSS support, tabbed browsing and Widgets which are little applications like dictionaries, weather info, currency converters to name but a few.

  sean-278262 22:11 18 Jul 2006

I use firefox as it is able to be tweaked in every way just as Linux is. Has all the features of Opera and more besides in my opinion.

  Totally-braindead 22:12 18 Jul 2006

Why am I using IE or Firefox and not Opera? Because I don't like it.

If you wanted to start a thread on this perhaps the Speakers Corner would have been a better choice as I presume you don't need help?

  Stuartli 22:49 18 Jul 2006

Firefox can be readily tweaked in an instance using Firetune Firefox (saves all the manual configuring in about:config. See:

click here

  MESH Support 09:02 19 Jul 2006

You've pretty much done what anyone could do about any piece of software that anyone prefers over another. It's always down to a matter of opinion.

Opera I just didn't like the look or feel of, and given my job, the spawned download window is perfect for my needs, meaning no more multiple windows for each and every download.

As for why Firefox generally, for some reason it seemed to do more to advertise it's release and get itself out there and noticed by the public.


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