Why doesnt caps lock beep when supposed to?

  dmm27 10:51 22 May 2007

I often hit caps lock by mistake, and then end up with loads of caps.

I have tried going into Control panel >accessibility option >keyboard tab >select use toggle keys
but it still doesnt beep when I hit caps lock.

Any ideas why not?

  I am Spartacus 10:57 22 May 2007

Has it ever beeped? It may be that you don't have an internal speaker in your PC.

I've disabled the Caps Lock key using Microsoft Intellitype (even though I don't have a MS keyboard)

click here

It worked for me by selecting the MultiMedia Keyboard and then choosing the option to disable. It may not work for every one

  recap 11:01 22 May 2007

Try holding down the 'Num Lock' key for 5 seconds and the click 'Yes' when the Togglekey message window opens.

  Cymro. 11:04 22 May 2007

Brilliant, I just did it and it works fine, thanks etc.

  dmm27 11:09 22 May 2007

i am sure i get a beep when I start the PC up. Myabe I dont. I'll check when i turn it on again!

  Abel 11:13 22 May 2007

Recap, what a useful bit of info! Like Cymro, I too experience the problem from time to time but no longer, since following your advice.


  Cymro. 11:18 22 May 2007

I would have thought that such useful info. would have been in the manual

that came with the computer. Perhaps they just want us to be baffled a little

longer. That`s something else I have learned on this forum.

  bretsky 11:20 22 May 2007

"Try holding down the 'Num Lock' key for 5 seconds and the click 'Yes' when the Togglekey message window opens"

Done! many thanx
bretsky ;0)

  tullie 11:43 22 May 2007

Is it supposed to beep?Mine never has,nor do i care lol

  Cymro. 12:23 22 May 2007

I suppose it is just another little gimmick for us to play with. lol

  Stuartli 12:51 22 May 2007

It's not a gimmick, as anyone whose typed away looking at the keys rather than the screen will tell you.

It means having to redo all the capped up section(s).

As a touch typist I would notice immediately if anything typred was amiss, but even I catch the caps lock key on occasions...:-)

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