Why does XP pause for a few seocnds...

  Murray 18:45 23 Jan 2003
  Murray 18:45 23 Jan 2003

I have had windows XP for a few months now and got used to it.

But there are still a few niggling problems, like every 1/2hr or so (randomly) the system hangs - the mouse doesnt move, for about 3-5 seconds then it wakes up again, and runs as normal...

I have tried to download the latest motherboard drivers, but their site is offline (Jetway 845ePro MB). I have all the latest service packs and updates, except the irrelevant ones...

Any thoughts - I have a P4 2GHZ with 256DDR RAM, so it shouldn't suffer at all should it.

This happens even just after booting, with no programs running.

  XPert 18:59 23 Jan 2003

It seems the system/graphics card may be getting a bit warm and freezes untill the system cools. This can be solved by moving the Graphics card away from the proccessor. This worked for me anyway. If you have a built in card (no seperate graphics board) try sucking dirt out of the power supply fan with a hoover to aid cooling.

  XPert 19:00 23 Jan 2003


  Murray 19:03 23 Jan 2003

...But with an AGP graphics card, you cant really move it, will try cleaning it out next time it's off.

Last time i checked it was runnning around 28C and 40C (sys/cpu temp).

I know about turning the power off - once i dropped a screwdriver into a machine when it was on - made all sorts of noises, needless to say crashed, but worked again - could be worse...it was only a P100 tho'

  XPert 19:06 23 Jan 2003

Sorry, didn't realise it was AGP. Maybe consider adding an extra fan to the system? I am unsure of what type or how to fit it but I am sure someone could help you if you put up another post.

  XPert 19:10 23 Jan 2003

Sorry, didn't realise it was AGP. Maybe adding another fan to the system would aid cooling? E-Buyer (click here) do great deals on all computer related hardware and software. You could try buying a £5-£10 auxillary fan from them.

  XPert 19:11 23 Jan 2003

stupid thing. didn't post first time, then posted twice!

  Murray 19:14 23 Jan 2003

I may be wrong but my first instinct isn't temperature because the temp inside is nowhere near the max temp it scould handle (~60C????) - i seem to remember it was only just above room temp.

Will try running it with the side of the case off for a while - see if that makes a difference then get another fan

any other thoughts...?

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