why does screensaver come on when viewing DVDs?

  skizee 13:45 25 Mar 2008

it doesnt matter if i am using nero or windows media player. also, if i am on full screen it keeps reverting back to the smaller screen, and then the screensaver comes on.

  Kemistri 15:33 25 Mar 2008

If the software in question provides the option to block the screen saver -- as WMP does -- then use it. Otherwise, turn off the screen saver.

  BT 08:28 26 Mar 2008

The screensaver depends on mouse or keyboard activity to keep it from activating so as above either turn it off or move the mouse occasionally.

  sinbads 14:58 26 Mar 2008

In media layer options/tools under player tab untick allow screen saver presume there is a simular setting for nero

  skizee 22:09 20 Aug 2008

done all this and it is still coming on! very annoying!

  ambra4 04:59 21 Aug 2008

Before the proliferation of LCD screens, most computer screens depended on cathode ray tubes (CRTs).

When the same image is displayed on a CRT screen for long periods of time, the properties of the exposed areas of phosphor coating on the inside of the screen gradually and permanently change, eventually leading to a darkened shadow or "ghost" image on the screen.

Televisions, oscilloscopes and other devices that use CRTs are all susceptible to phosphor burn-in

Using a screensaver with a flat panel or LCD screen instead of powering down the screen can actually reduce the lifetime of the display, since the fluorescent backlight remains lit and ages faster than it would if the screen was turned off completely.

As fluorescent tubes age they grow progressively dimmer, and they can be expensive or difficult to replace.

A typical LCD screen loses about 50% of its brightness during a normal product lifetime, if left on continuously.

In most cases, the tube is an integral part of the LCD and the entire assembly needs to be replaced.

Thus the term "screen saver" is, in most cases, a misnomer--the best way to save the screen and also save electricity would simply be to turn off the "screen saver" and have the computer turn off the monitor

  ronalddonald 15:57 21 Aug 2008

Im presuming your using windows xp home, if you are then, go to the screen where you have the start button on the task bar, right click on the screen where the other icons like the recycle bin. Click on properties then click on screen saver and from there you can change the time when you want the screen saver to come on.

  tullie 19:09 22 Aug 2008

He has only got one screen,like the rest of us.
Turn it off theres no reason for a screensaver,better still,turn machine off.

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