why does pc make such a noise?

  whippit 05:09 24 Sep 2005

I have an amd duron 900mhz, k7s5a mobo.
had it for just over 12 months, but for the last couple of months it makes an awful racket when switched on, if i press my hand against the base unit and hold it there the noise dies down.so to keep the noise down i have to have something leaning against the side of the pc.

could it be the hard drives, i have 2?,
the thing is that since i have had the pc i have never opened it up,so it's never been cleaned inside, could this be the problem for some reason?

any advice would be much appreciated.

  Taff36 05:53 24 Sep 2005

Similar thread which might help click here Follow the advice and try to identify the problem. Safety First - Unplug the computer at the mains before removing the case. I do NOT recommend touching the fans whilst they are moving, in fact don`t touch anything inside the case whilst it is running. Interupting a fan will probably trigger a safety device and shut down the computer immediately to prevent overheating.

Post back your observations.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:20 24 Sep 2005

When I had a metal casing, it rattled against my wooden desk, but as soon as I put a carpet sample thing under it, it didn't make so much noise.

  Pineman100 10:18 24 Sep 2005

The most likely explanation for the noise is one of the internal fans. There will be cooling fans on the cpu, the psu and possibly the graphics card. If one of them has a dodgy bearing, or if the unit it cools has come a little bit loose, it could be causing this noise. The only way to find out is to open up and have a look inside. See if you can identify visually which fan the noise is coming from (don't stick your fingers into it while it's running). If you can spot it, then switch off the machine, disconnect from the mains, earth yourself and have a fiddle with all the mountings of the suspect unit. Tighten anything that you find loose.
One final thought - just be sure that the assembly screws (if there are any) that hold the casing together are all tight - it just might be a sympathetic vibration from the casing.

  whippit 12:02 24 Sep 2005

cheers guys, will let you know the end result

  jack 14:37 25 Sep 2005

AMD Duron and other AMD processors - it is the CPU cooling fan. Try the following.
Stop the machine and unplug from mains.
Open casing.
Take a good look at the fan and with a soft brush
brush away dust build up on the blades.
Now[ you have unplugged it havn't you] just give the blades a flick- runs quitely?
In the centre of the fan is a paper lable- gentley peel back. This should reveal a small hole - a drop,
a single drip of sewing machine oil/3 in 1 [ Not WD40 this will dried out make it worse]--[I have been told that a PC engineer once went out to his van and brought in his engine dip stick- but I am sure it was just a tale]

  wolfie3000 19:55 25 Sep 2005

i reckon its the case one of the sides maybe loos just check for loose screws on the back.

  ade.h 20:46 25 Sep 2005

Even good quality cases can be susceptible to accoustic transferance. There are lots of things that can be done to minimise it.

Firstly, line the inside of all panel joins with PVC or PTFE tape. A lot of accoustic transferance is developed through poor surface contact.

Fit some good quality accoustic foam to the inside of all external panels.

Replace the original plastic feet with silicone pads.

Use quiet case fans and mount them with isolation mounts.

Use the best quality CPU fan that you can find, such as a Zalman.

Place the case on as solid and stable a surface as possible. If one side of the case touches the side of a desk, place some silicone or accoustic foam between them.

If you have enough spare 5.25" bays, fit your HDDs with isolation mounts or heatsink-equipped enclosures.

Keep all vents and fan blades dust-free.

  ade.h 20:53 25 Sep 2005

I should add that, where appropriate, motherboard fans can be replaced by heatsinks, or the very least, a better quality fan. These cheap, small fans whine very loudly.

If your CPU fan is mounted directly to its own heatsink, rather than to the case via an arm, make sure the motherboard mounts are tight.

  whippit 23:31 26 Sep 2005

cheers guys, it turned out almost to be a bit of everything, but mostly the fan which was caked in dust, it took me about 2 hours to pluck up the guts to open it up, anyway it's purrring away now.


  Taff36 06:33 27 Sep 2005

Tick for resolved then?

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