Why does my wifi randomly stop working?

  beanieboy567 20:20 03 Mar 2015

Last year I bought a brand new laptop which was a wonderful experience, HD, touch screen, fast as lightning and all that. Until just before Christmas when the wifi decided to stop working...

One day the wifi adapter simply disappeared from my devices, I was told simply that I couldn't connect to the internet because I wasn't plugged in (no mention of wireless anything). It's not a Windows 8.1 update, this happened ages after I'd done that, and I downloaded new drivers and ran the repair program for it... Nothing, until I did the exact same thing a week or so after and it started working again TADA! "That's great!" I though, but it wasn't, a week or so later I had the same problem again, this time the repair program didn't work at all, until a few days later when it did work! "Woohoo!" Says I, back in the running! Until... you get the point here, it's a recurring issue. I've just fixed it for the 5th or 6th time, this time I bought a USB adapter to connect to wifi, this worked. I unplugged it and now my built in adapter is working again, as if it actually has a personality and is saying "Hey, I don't want you to have wifi but if you're going to have it then you're going to use me, OK?!"

I'm a certain that at some point in the near future it will stop working again, and I'm almost as certain that when I plug my new USB adapter in it will start working again... Does anybody have any clue as to what might be going on here? I want to send it away for warranty repairs but I'm worried that they're going to get it and say there's no problem...

Thanks for your time guys.

  bumpkin 21:13 03 Mar 2015

A router issue I would have thought rather than the laptop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:36 03 Mar 2015

Have you tried removing and refitting the wireless card to remake the conections.

  beanieboy567 22:51 03 Mar 2015

Definitely isn't a router issue, there are numerous other devices running through the same router it's the same for me wherever I am (home, work, the library). It's not just that the wifi connecting, there is no sign of the adapter, the hardware simply shows as not present.

I haven't tried removing and refitting it no, I've been told it's part of the motherboard plus there is no way I would start playing around with anything like that.

Thanks again for you time and input guys.

  bumpkin 23:03 03 Mar 2015

If not a router issue which was just a suggestion. Then use the usb adaptor or return in under warranty. I had the my wireless card fail but a tiny usb adapter for about a fiver sorted it.

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