Why does my PC get slower?

  Ian Clark 10:03 29 Jan 2004

The longer its on, the slower it gets. I have just looked in diagnostics, and of my 320 MB RAm, I have 150 K spare!!
How do I ind out what is using it all, how do I stop it? are there any good tools available to 'tune' my pc and get rid of all the stuff I dont want happening?


  Chegs ® 10:14 29 Jan 2004

Which OS? Guessing its 98/ME,so get...

More RAM(512Mbs max)

CacheMan click here

Run Disc cleanup,Defrag,etc.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:23 29 Jan 2004

Have a look at click here - it will give you some idea (but don't believe all its hype).

Also decide what you need to run at startup - the fewer the better. Go to start, run and type msconfig - then under the startup tab, disable anything you don't need to start automatically.

  Hyperangelic 11:01 29 Jan 2004

You may have lots of little icons in the systray - to the left of the computer clock. A lot of these can be rubbish, reminders to download things, launchers etc. Throw out or close anything you don't use, and check settings in the original program to stop it coming back every time you start up. This should clear out some redundant processes and free up a bit of space.

  plsndrs3 11:25 29 Jan 2004

Re PC Pitstop: I got this software as part a bargain bundle and could never be bothered to install it. Having got a larger drive, I thought 'Why not?' and ran it. Updated various settings and such and told me I now have a faster, sleeker system with better internet access [couldn't see any difference myself].

VERY interestingly, I was surfing the web a couple of weeks ago & got a pop-up telling me my system was running below average & that I should go to the PC Pitstop website to get it tuned after buying software of course. Went there, clicked on the 'test' button to be told that, as I has PC Pitstop running my system was already tuned to the max!!! Glad it was 'free'.

Like Diodorus said, don't believe the hype ....


  Diodorus Siculus 11:39 29 Jan 2004

plsndrs3 - what software is that? I never downloaded / bought any software from the site - only did their web based tuneup.

  Chegs ® 11:57 29 Jan 2004

If you go to pc-pitstop,there are various buttons(including the run pc pitstop utility)offering a "Tune Up" I have never tried it,as Pc Pitstop's results are "iffy"

This is prob it...

"GoToMyPC™ is the revolutionary Web-based service that allows you to remotely access your work or home PC from any Internet-connected computer"

  plsndrs3 12:08 29 Jan 2004


The CD was not bought from a site - as I said it was part of a bundled pack. It was on a standalone CD inside abox containing an all in one diagnostic suite called SystemSuite [since chucked in the bin, but that's another story]. The package also came other 'bonus' CDs such as a Windows Explorer-like program [can't recall the name, sorry] and an internet history remover.


  Diodorus Siculus 12:09 29 Jan 2004

Chegs ® - thanks for that clarification.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:09 29 Jan 2004

plsndrs3 - and thanks for yours also.

  Ian Clark 12:33 29 Jan 2004

Thanks for all the help.

Shutting things down via msconfig certainly helped. And cacheman has freed up loads of memory. everything seems much smoother now. I will see what happens in the next fewhours.

If only I understood what all the things were i took out of the msconfig bit......



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