Why does my Laptop boot so slowly?!

  adjones 14:29 10 Oct 2006

My laptop has recently started booting very slowly (once took 12 mins from button press to me being able to open an application!!).

I have tried Boot Vis but to no avail. I did have an issue with my keyboard at one point where it started typing '3' and trying to do a page down but that seems to have stopped.

It is an old (3yrs) Mesh 17" lappy. It has been faultless up until now.

Oh, tried virus checking, degragging, spybotting but no help.


  SB23 16:07 10 Oct 2006

Have you looked to see what programs are starting up?
By the time I had reinstalled everything back on my desktop, when I checked, I had 18 programs starting that I didn't need.
I turned them off, now boots alot better.
One of the startup programs I've used in the past is click here, download it, and check.


  xania 16:31 10 Oct 2006

This is not really a Consumerwatch issue. Re-post on the Helproom if you want technical advice. There are any number of reasons why a PC would boot slowly, but 12 minutes indicates a major fault. After 3 years there's loads of gundge on the C:\ drive, so perhaps, erather than try to look for individual problems, why not clean down you hard disk and reinstall from your CD, or whatever MESH provided for the purpose.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 10 Oct 2006

79. Disable floppy drive seek
80. Set primary display adaptor
81. Enable quick POST/memory test
82. Eliminate unwanted programs from boot up
83. Scan your PC for spyware and Adware
84. Disable boot virus detection
85. Change boot sequence.
86. Disable the XP loading screen
87. Eliminate unwanted fonts to increase boot speed
88. Turn off bios disk detection
89. Use the Bootvis utility
90. Use the Intel application accelerator
91. Disable unnecessary services
92. Disable unneeded devices in device manager
93. Disable auto detection for empty IDE slots
94. Reduce wait time after XP boots
click here

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