Why does my computor freeze on Ebay

  Real PC Virgin 13:54 06 Nov 2006

I have had to make quite a few changes on my computor recently to take off programmes ie NetOp Guest and host and others used to monitor my pc movements. Since doing all this (and maybe it is a coinsidence) every time I do a search on Ebay my pc freezes. Have I removed something that I shouldn't or is it something else??? It only seems to be Ebay I have the problems with. I have defragged

  Diodorus Siculus 18:01 06 Nov 2006

Try the system file checker:

click here
scannow sfc - how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker)

What browser does it happen with?

Give Firefox a try click here

  Real PC Virgin 22:56 06 Nov 2006

sorry Dio bit foreign to me still not sure what to do.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:22 06 Nov 2006

Ok. Sorry about that.

Download the Firefox browser from the second link I gave you.

It is an alternative browser to Internet explorer.

See if you still get freezes on Ebay when you try it.

  Real PC Virgin 06:05 07 Nov 2006

Thanks Dio have downloaded firefox and so far so good managed to buy some ink from ebay lol. Not sure i am going to like it though I was used to internet explorer, but we will see how it goes. Once again thanks for your help.

  spuds 09:07 07 Nov 2006

Real PC Virgin

You will soon get use to Firefox, keep it on your computer, because you may need it again. I use Internet Explorer,Firefox and Opera, as and when required. Many a time I have used one or another of the browsers to do my daily eBaying.

  Totally-braindead 10:42 07 Nov 2006

As to the other advice Diodorus Siculus gave. Because Firefox works you have proven that there is nothing else wrong with your computer. The problem is likly to be with Internet Explorer being corrupt.
Using the System File Checker SFC will probably solve that.
Follow the link Diodorus Siculus gave you for system file checker and see if that solves it. It is important you key in the command exactly as its listed as if you miss the space out it won't work.

  Real PC Virgin 13:34 10 Nov 2006

Thanks Totally-braindead I tried to do the system file checker with no joy, it wanted me to put cd in which I dont have (my estranged husband has it). I am sure though that my internet explorer is currupt because I think I have deleted some files by mistake, I was trying to get rid of some files that allowed remote acsess to my computer. So not really sure what to do now, because My pc not running at all well
any advice welcome again

  keef66 13:49 10 Nov 2006

do you know someone else who could lend you a windows CD? That should work for SFC to copy the files needed. (as long as it is the same version, ie Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro)

  keef66 13:51 10 Nov 2006

Failing that, and assuming you do have Windows XP, can you do a system restore to a date before you did all the deleting?

  Real PC Virgin 15:06 10 Nov 2006

I am not sure of anyone that would have a cd but will ask? If I do a system restore (which I am considering again)then I would have to take off all the things that I had to take off initially to prevent remote acsess to my puter.

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