Why does my cd/dvdrom sound like a racing car

  uskfisherman 16:14 28 May 2005

My dvd/cdrom works ok, it copies, reads, and plays cds. Why has it started to sound as if it is going about sixty miles anhour? When copying or reading it sounds as though it is speeding then it slows down only to speed up again. This continues for as long as it is used. Has anyone had the same problems please, should I replace or ignore? Help.

  Fingees 16:33 28 May 2005

If it has always done it, no problem.

It's because of the high speeds used nowadays.

The speed varies as data is transfered, or proccessed.

It sometimes occurs on systems that not got a solidly built mount for the drive. Therefore, any imbalance come out as vibration. As a car wheel does when out of balance.

I had the trouble with one drive, and took it back, but was OK on their machine, when tested.

Hope it helps.

  Diemmess 16:34 28 May 2005

Just guessing......... It must be off balance somehow, the speed change is normal enough, we just don't notice when a drive runs quietly.

If you feel like fiddling, take the drive out and open it carefully, it is just possible a piece of sticky label or other foreign body has attached itself to the bits that whizz when running.

It is unlikely to wreck a disk but it may fail and something you thought you had recorded did't!

  Dan the Doctus 16:50 28 May 2005

If it's only just started doing it then it points to some sort of problem, but on the other hand if it works ok then there's little point in worrying. If it starts playing up then you could replace it but otherwise I wouldn't overly worry about it. My laptop has an ultra speed drive which makes the entire thing vibrate when it's going full pelt! (And also sounds like a racing car!)

  uskfisherman 16:59 28 May 2005

Thanks everyone for your contributions. I have a much better idea what I am dealing with now. Regards.

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