why does my acer aspir dont connect to my sky rou

  cfcman 21:03 02 Jan 2008

my acer aspire 5720 does not connect to my sky router can you help please

  ambra4 02:22 03 Jan 2008

Need more information

How are you trying yo connect via Ethernet cable or wireless

make and model # of router

  ambra4 13:56 04 Jan 2008

There is no point in posting the same question under difference heading 1 hour apart if you do not intend to reply to either

The same information is requested in both posting

If you have no idea on how to set up the computer for broadband say so and the members on the forum will guide on the correct method.

We do not know the make of modem / wireless router, how you trying to connect to sky Nothing

All we know, you have a computer and a Sky connection?????


Would suggest you close one by ticking the box and click solved
click here

  cfcman 21:17 04 Jan 2008

trying to do it wireless and the make of the router is netger

  ambra4 15:52 07 Jan 2008

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