Why does this happen with email attachments?

  newearwax 16:11 14 Nov 2005

I should know but have forgotten. I have recently sent an email with an A4 sized attachment. If I click on the paperclip the attachment appears as it should but the attachment also appears immediately below the mesage in massive print that would take 4 or more sheets to prin out. Why does this happen and how can I prevent the *below message* version from being so large? What setting do I need to change?

  Hamish 16:42 14 Nov 2005

If using OE try view, layout andv remove tick from preview pane and apply. Text size can be changed once the message is opened by going to view, text size.

Hope is this what you wished to know

  newearwax 17:32 14 Nov 2005

For convenience I prfer to keep the preview pane. That is not the problem. The problem is that the attachment is to be found by clicking on the paperclip and it is also to be found below the mesage in the large print size as I mentioned in the OP. Altering the text size only alters the text of the principal message; the text of the attachment remains as large as before.

  DieSse 17:35 14 Nov 2005

"an A4 sized attachment"

Exactly what do you mean by this - is it a picture - why do you think it's A4 size?.

If it's a picture in jpg format, for instance, - it's the number of pixels that matter - bearing in mind your display is say 800x600 pixels - if the picture is 1200x2400 it will display in OE as 1.5 times as wide and 4 times the height of your screen.

  johnnyrocker 17:36 14 Nov 2005

the reason is it has not been inserted as attachment but pic or one of the other options.


  newearwax 18:03 14 Nov 2005

If it hasn't been inserted as an attachment why is it also shown as one if I click on the paperclip?

  Wak 18:55 14 Nov 2005

If you send an attachment which has a printable extension (.Bmp, Jpg, .Doc) then it may be printed in the e-mail after the text.
If you don't wish to see the picture after the text then convert it to a ZIP file and send that as the attachment.
It can't print zip files! (I hope)

  David4637 14:14 15 Nov 2005

What gogmagog says is absolutele TRUE, you do get a duplicate of the attachment below the last line of text. I tried but there does not appear to be a "fix". David

  DieSse 14:34 15 Nov 2005

If you don't want it to display try this - Tools Options - Send - click the *HTML Settings* button - untick the *Send pictures with text* box.

If it's just the size - as I explained above, just resize it in a graphics program.

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