Why does this DVD not work?

  bemuzed 10:47 24 Dec 2008

I trialled burning some home video footage onto a RW+ DVD and it worked fine. I then tried exactly the same onto a DVD+R to send to relatives but received an error that it could not write to sector (793 I think) due to power problems. I tried other DVDs and had same problem so not a dud one(had previously burnt to DVDs from packet so I thought they were OK).
I then burnt to DVD RW again but not DVD +R. Any ideas please?

  skidzy 11:01 24 Dec 2008

Does your burner actually burn to dvd+R ,this could be just a fussy drive over the type of media used.

Personally and i think you will find many agree,finding a media that suits you away from rw's and +r's (i find them unreliable) to be a better move.

I tend to stick to Verbatim and Datawrite on all my computers.

You could try a different software such as

Deepburner click here


Imageburn click here

  bemuzed 11:04 24 Dec 2008

It has previously worked fine on those very same DVD+R DVDs from the same packet, but has stopped working with those DVD+R. Still works with DVD+RW. Could it be faulty drive that DVD+R pick up on but DVD+RW do not?

  skidzy 11:10 24 Dec 2008

possibly bemuzed.

Though it still could be a few duff ones in the pack,especially if a spindle.

Try another burning program to rule out the disc errors.

  bemuzed 11:15 24 Dec 2008

OK. will try one of the programmes you mention.

  bemuzed 20:27 24 Dec 2008

Still got problem; feels like a dodgy drive somehow as when i put disks in and launch any writing program teh PC crashes.

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