why does bios size keep changing?

  help10002 00:51 13 Mar 2006

my latitude c840s res in the bios sometimes is big and sometimes changes small.
why does this happen?

  Mytob 01:31 13 Mar 2006

do you mean memory keeps changing size or the actual bios size? if its the mem run memtest to check for errors in the memory and replace the apropriate dimm.

  help10002 01:32 13 Mar 2006

i dont no if its the memory how can i do a memort test

  help10002 01:37 13 Mar 2006

the bios size changes

  Mytob 13:14 14 Mar 2006

never come acroos that happening befor! if it the memory get memtest86 click here put it on a floppy reboot and see if it come up with any errors. If it realy is the bios changing size then all i can suggest is flashing your bios and seeing if that works.

  ACOLYTE 13:30 14 Mar 2006

How can you tell if the bios size changes?, dont get to see the bios size unless you flash and it usually around the 500k mark.The only thing that comes up with numbers,on my pc at least is the memory check on the post screen?

  help10002 22:09 24 Mar 2006

no i ment the size changes as in the resoloution keeps changing!

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