Why do we need a Fire Wall with a Router...

  Z1100 15:26 02 Nov 2006

one of the main selling points on the Router is the built-in Firewall. So, Are we being 'scared or cajoled' into buying a Software Firewall by 'the big boys' when a Hardware Firewall is already online?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:28 02 Nov 2006

I have not used a firewall for nearly 4 years on my broadband modem (I use AVG and MS defender), so I would be interested to hear the answer...;-))


  anskyber 15:30 02 Nov 2006

Setting aside the above comment for the moment do read this first. click here

  rodriguez 15:38 02 Nov 2006

I use both the hardware firewall and ZoneAlarm. Just adds a bit more security.

  Aargh 15:50 02 Nov 2006

The theory is your PC's can be individually protected by firewalls, but your router is their gateway to the internet. If you can hack the router, you can control the network (although you still need to get past the PC firewall) and deny service etc. I'm not aware of any need to buy router firewall software as most thesedays come pre installed. I'd only really worry about PC firewall software.

  Rigga 16:32 02 Nov 2006

The problem with not having a software firewall, is that your computer can access the outside world without your permission.

Take for example you receive an email with a trojan embedded in it, it does nothing malicious to your computer, so you don't really notice.

However what it does do is hand over control of your computer to whoever wrote the trojan.

This trojan on your machine can then be used to send out spam using your internet connection all without your knowledge.

It's the outward traffic that a software firewall helps with.

Of course having said all that, as i'm sure GANDALF <|:-)> is aware, if you use common sense and don't open unknown emails or unknown attachments then you have no problem.

You probably don't need a software firewall, although as there are plenty of free ones I also see no harm in using one.


  Z1100 17:36 02 Nov 2006

And it is interesting that they work on different traffic flows, in/out bound, that I never knew. I did suspect that there was some scaremongering tactics from developers, in fact I am sure there is.

I did use Norton until it gave lots of LU**** errors because the upgrade manager, I just got fed up installing fixes and doing the same for the PC's I support. (I am the family IT expert hehe, everyone should have one of those. Incidentally I am also the head chef...)

Since I prefer the free stuff like everyone else I have long ago (in IT terms) switched to AVG and other such free tools but I am still curious as to why I needed both Hard and Soft Firewalls.


  Meshuga 18:24 02 Nov 2006

It`s purely a belt and braces situation. What one might miss the other stands a good chance of stopping and, if they are freewhy worry anyway.

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