Why do we bother? - Update

  SDJ 19:22 19 Feb 2003

I have titled this thread intentionally to attract all of those who posted to a similar titled thread earlier this year.

I would like to thank PSIMAN for sending me a slot 1 fan following my post a few days ago. I am very grateful and humbled that someone would take time out to ensure that my needs be satisfied. I would also like to extend this thanks to all of those who have helped me over the years.

I have in turn tried to respond to such queries which I feel my experience may assist but by no means as often as I have called upon this site to answer my own due to problems with my pc and also when helping the family and in-laws.

This site has been a valuable source for information and may it continue and thrive for many years.

Thanks to all and the "man of the moment" PSIMAN.

  mcullum_DX4Life 19:33 19 Feb 2003

because were nice people and the guys at PCA have built a good, helpful community here :)

  Nellie2 19:34 19 Feb 2003

That is a really nice thing to say......I hope you don't mind me putting my twopenno'rth in because I would like to say.......me too!!

  watchful 19:39 19 Feb 2003

...and me.

  timothywilliam 20:09 19 Feb 2003

I totaly agree with the above. I have always had my queries answered and it is a great comfort to know there are people out there ready to pass on their knowledge.

  mogwai 20:47 19 Feb 2003

Here Here!

  pj123 21:54 19 Feb 2003

Thanks for that. Like I said in my original thread, I won't stop bothering, cos here I am again. It just annoys me that some threads have at least 10 to 20 responses, which when I read them appear to solve the problem, but the thread is still open?

I am not particularly bothered whether I get any thanks or not, just lets close the thread if it is solved.

  cream. 22:22 19 Feb 2003

We bother because, I think, it's built in us. Maybe it's the way we were brought up or we genually just want to help. This is not through the thought of we are clever baskets and trying to show it through big headiness.

I personally am as thick as 3 short planks, although I can get things working. I am totally useless at running programmes.

Anyway back to the problem in hand.

Perhaps if the site could attach to each new post a bold statement at the bottom, such as:

If you find any of the answers below have been of any help, please let us know as this can be of beneficial use to those reading the post.

  pj123 22:41 19 Feb 2003

Yep, i agree. If I have a problem (and I have many, just look through the list) that has been solved I always post which answer solved the problem and tick it as resolved. that way if the problem comes up again we know the answer and can point the poster in the right direction.
My first port of call on this forum is My Postings to see if I have left anything undone.

  accord 22:47 19 Feb 2003

i usually leave a thread open for 24 hours, if it is answered in that time then i close it, if not then close when answered, sounds obvious but i have a thread open at the moment and it has been answered but will leave open till tomorrow night in case a better solution comes in, but genereally a problem is answered in a couple of hours.

  watchful 08:04 20 Feb 2003

The village idiot.

It's 2 short planks...! I'm the same with techno stuff.


Agree with every word. My postings first port of call. There are lots of threads which end with a question, from the one trying to help, but the poster never comes back.

Perhaps it's time for another Green Tick thread.
Also I'm convinced that a lot of new people don't know about the My Postings section and can't be bothered scrolling through several pages looking for their thread.
It would be better as a header next to Consumerwatch.

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