Why do we bother?

  pj123 15:42 07 Feb 2003

I would assume that anyone posting a problem on this forum would like a quick answer?

there is a thread to which i appear to be the only person to respond (it was posted a long time ago) but there doesn't appear to be any feedback.

do people post a problem and then don't bother to read any responses???

  powerless 15:46 07 Feb 2003

They do read the responses and doubt the advice given is the answer they needed.

Instead of saying thanks, they just go about there business and may come back again when another problem needs attention.

The cycle repeats...

  medicine hat 15:52 07 Feb 2003

Perhaps their problems escalated and they have been unable to access the Internet since to thank you for your help. Or something else in their life has taken priority. Or they might be shy

  Wes Tam ;-) 15:54 07 Feb 2003

pj123 I estimate that at most there are 2,000 regular visitors to this forum. The rest of the 80,000+ 'membership' are probably transient visitors who come out of curiosity or to look for help on a one-off problem.

They view their answers, go away to try it, and, if it works, never return (even to say 'thank you').

That's life!

  Gongoozler 15:56 07 Feb 2003

pj123, I agree that it is very frustrating when we respond to a request for help, and don't get any reply. I think there are various reasons. Some requestors find the answer solves their problem, and in their excitement forget to give their thanks. Some think we are a commercial helpline and so (for some obscure reason) don't need to be thanked. Some just forget to check whether there is an answer to their problem, and some are just too bad mannered to care.

  Biggles no more 16:00 07 Feb 2003

some answers do not address the problem, some are frivolous and some are simply throwaway comments.

I have posted quite a few threads and have had some useful replies. Unfortunately, I have also had some replies which are, quite clearly, inappropriate and then I get shouted at for persisting with the thread.

We are not all experts and some of the jargon used goes right over our heads!

  pj123 16:11 07 Feb 2003

I am not looking for any thanks. If I can help somone to solve a problem I would be happy. But if I offer a solution that involves a file or a disk to be sent to them it would be nice to say "thanks but no thanks" at least.

  pj123 16:19 07 Feb 2003

check out "world book 1997" which was posted on 02/02/03

  €dstow 16:20 07 Feb 2003

I must admit I do get rather irritated when I send a response to a thread only to have it ignored or answered well over a day after it was posted. This has happened more than once recently where I've answered a post withing a few minutes of it being posted and then getting nil, nothing, zero, nix in return or a response from the poster a couple of days later.

I'm not looking for thanks, just an acknowledgement that they do exist in a real world and I haven't imagined it all. Just a green tick would be something but often that a rarity.


  MartinT-B 16:27 07 Feb 2003

I have emailed 1 program and 3 sets of links to peeps with no repsonse to say whether they even got my mail.

*me shrugs*

  Gongoozler 16:33 07 Feb 2003

pj123, I think most of us are not actually looking for thanks, although it is nice to receive them. What is also very good to get is confirmation that the advice given was correct. Most of us are not experts, so feedback helps us to give correct advice in future. In answer to the last line from Biggles no more, it is often difficult to know at what level to pitch a reply. Computing is a technical subject, and often the solution can be explained in a few words when the appropriate technical language is used, or may take much more to explain in terms understandable to a person with no technical knowledge. I try to pitch my answers somewhere in the middle, then if the person posting the question finds it difficult to understand, I can always reply with a more detailed explanation, while if it turns out that the person is conversant with the technology, at least my advice may also be useful to other readers.

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