Why do some Ebooks show on DVD but not others?

  buel 22:47 01 Nov 2010

Hello, a friend of mine is experiencing something very strange- when she loads a DVD of ebooks in to her disc drive and goes to My Computer the DVD shows and she is able to view them. However, when she tries a different DVD that has different Ebooks on the DVD wont even load or show on the computer.
Now, her sister tried both DVDs on her computer and i've tried them on mine and we both get the same result- they both load fine!
What on earth could this be please?

  buel 22:50 01 Nov 2010

Ps- i advised her to just load the Non-working DVD onto her computer and to go to My Computer to see if the DVD actually appears and this is the reply i got- 'i have done just that and clicked on "my computer," the screen goes white, and it stays white.
I have left it on for more than ten minutes in case it takes a while to start like one of the others, but nothing'.

  buel 06:56 02 Nov 2010

Anyone please?

  buel 12:46 02 Nov 2010

can anyone help please?

  Ian in Northampton 15:48 02 Nov 2010

Based on my own experience, different optical drives have different tolerances. They're only slight, but a 'marginal' DVD can be read by one optical drive and not another. I often find that a DVD (or CD) that won't load on one of my two drives will happily load off the other. I'd suggest you make a copy of the 'non working' DVD on your machine, then try the new copy back on hers. That would confirm (or not) that the DVD that doesn't work has some kind of marginal error condition. (The screen going white tends to confirm that there is perhaps a fault with the DVD which causes the system to hang whe it tries to read it. Another thing to look at is how the light on the front of the DVD drive flashed when the faulty DVD is in it: I wouldn't be surprised to find that it flashes repeatedly in the same sequence, indicating that it's trying to read the disc but can't).

  buel 22:31 02 Nov 2010

Thank you for that, that is very interesting indeed!!

  Ian in Northampton 08:40 03 Nov 2010

Buel: let us know if my solution works.

  buel 22:35 09 Nov 2010

Hi Ian, well you are a genius in my eyes as my friend bought a new DVD drive and ALL the DVDs now work perfectly!! YAY!! Thank you so much, that was a brilliant answer!!!

  Ian in Northampton 08:46 10 Nov 2010

Buel: I'm pleased to have helped. Thanks for the kind words.

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