Why do I have to hit F1 everytime

  renowayne 14:49 30 Oct 2006

I boot the system and it says
"cannot locate primary drive 1 press F-1 to continue" but when I hit F-1 to continue, the system boots up. I just now finished putting all new O.S. on this system (XP Home)It's a dell 4300
Any suggestions?

  [email protected]#36 15:13 30 Oct 2006

The BIOS is looking for a drive that isn't there.
Go into your bios settings, usually by hitting DEL at startup (can be other buttons but will say on one of the first screens)
Find the settings for boot order, the first one may say CDROM or Floppy. It will be a drive you don't have so change it to one that you do. Check the full list of options because some boards can tell the difference between a CDROM and a DVDRAM drive.
Next time you boot up it will avoid the F1 process.

  renowayne 15:33 30 Oct 2006

Thank you Mike, here is what the bios has listed in set up,
Primary drive 0 is the hard drive,or C,
Primary drive 1 says "unknown"
secondary drive 0 is the CD and the
secondary drive 1 is the DVD.
So you are saying to eliminate the "unknown" drive from the booting order all together, am I right?

  Taff™ 15:38 30 Oct 2006

In the boot order make sure that Primary Drive 0 is first in the sequence not primary drive 1.

  renowayne 15:40 30 Oct 2006

Taff, Yes, it shows exactly as I have it typed.

  Stuartli 15:50 30 Oct 2006

Read Taff™'s posting again...:-)

Normally a CD/DVD rewriter is the Master and another drive (if there is one) the Slave on the Secondary IDE Channel.

  Stuartli 15:52 30 Oct 2006

Ignore that, I see that HDD 0 is the Primary...:-(

The second still applies.

  renowayne 16:13 30 Oct 2006

Taff™ -n- Stuartli, The CD is in the top slot, and the DVD in the next slot, underneath those is the good ole A drive. :-)

  renowayne 16:30 30 Oct 2006

I set the bios to default settings and I am now fine, so thanks for all of your help. I am going to tick this as resolved.


  Taff™ 16:43 30 Oct 2006

Sorry, I could have explained that better. You were looking at the General CMOS settings. There is another setup called "Boot Order" which is sometimes found under Advanced Settings which shows "First Boot Device" "Second etc" The order in which they boot can be changed. Handy if you want to boot from the CD first and HDD second for example.

I suspect that originally your first boot devioce was the non existent drive. Hope this helps for next time!

  renowayne 17:42 30 Oct 2006

Yes, the original order was CD first C drive second, then the A drive.
and thank you again.


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