Why do I get "302 Moved" after click on links

  AroundAgain 14:44 08 Sep 2015


I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox, v40.0.3 and when I click on a link I am increasingly getting a blank white page with "302 Moved. The document has moved here" If I then click on the link 'here', I will get taken to the correct web page.

Also, sometimes I just get a totally blank white page when left click on link but, if i go back and RIGHT click on the link and choose 'Open in New Tab/Window' the window will open normally.

This has been going on for a few months now but seems to be happening more frequently as it goes on.

I can't relate it to any software I've installed. It doesn't happen every time, but it is quite frequent.

Has anyone any idea what the problem might be and how I might solve it. Thanks very much

  lotvic 15:45 08 Sep 2015

Could be some sort of re-direct virus/malware, are the links through search engine Google or from your saved bookmarks/favourites?

Does any of: Google search error - "302 moved The document has moved here" click here sound familiar?

  Ashrich 16:15 08 Sep 2015

Firefox > add ons > extensions ...if you have an an active add on called NoRedirect and it is " enabled " disable it , see if that helps


  AroundAgain 16:15 08 Sep 2015

Hi lotvic

It usually happens when I've clicked on a link in a forum or on a web page. It doesn't happen when I click on any of my Bookmarks/Toolbar.

I've just looked at your link and it's not quite the same as my experience, in that I've not been asked to complete a Captcha thing.

It would seem I need to run Malwarebytes and Spybot. I'm checking out addons and disabling them, one at a time, to see if any are the cause.

Thanks. I'll also do a search on the error and see what else crops up

Any other help will be very much appreciated. Thanks

  AroundAgain 16:19 08 Sep 2015

Hi Ashrich

No, I don't have that addon. I have Adblock Plus, Classic Theme Restorer, Clearly (now disabled), Ghostery, ReminderFox, Video DownloadHelper, Avast Online Security (currently disabled - today)

Thanks for your suggestion.

  Ashrich 16:24 08 Sep 2015

Have you tried starting Firefox with all add ons and extensions disabled then enable them one at a time until the problem happens again


  AroundAgain 16:39 08 Sep 2015

Yes, I have started Firefox with all addons disabled, ie Safe Mode. It seemed better but it's at random when I get the problem. I've now got the addons running again but have disabled Avast Online Security and Clearly. It certainly seems to be running better with these disabled, I have to say.

The reason I have done it this way is because the two I've disabled now are ones that have been added the last and I felt that both or one of them could well be the cause. The other addons I've had for a very long time so felt they were less likely to be the culprits. I'll certainly be disabling them in turn if the current disabled don't solve the issue

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