Why Different Internet Speeds ??

  shaneoneill 01:09 21 Aug 2008

I have 2 pc's hooked up to the internet, they normally run seperatly .. the ISP I use offers 20mb broadband .. however, one PC will give me 16mb, another will clock only 10mb and my macbook will give me 20mb .. why are there such variations?

  Graham. 08:19 21 Aug 2008

Low speed USB?

  jack 08:27 21 Aug 2008

but logged on at different times?
Is that what you are saying?
The ISP speed is always 'Up-to' of course- the theoretical maximum speed - available.
It is seldom reached in 'domestic' situations- this has a lot to do with the 'contention Ratio' of your particular provider- Contention ratio- is like the old 'Shared Line' of long ago- how many accounts are coupled to the one piece of kit at the exchange.
Some providers pack in as many as 50-1 some as low as 15/20- depending on I guess of the 'membership' of the provider in any particular area.
You can imagine cant you a popular provider having a higher figure then a less well used one.
So at any partivular time of day the number of 'members' on line will vary and thus the 'speed' will go up and down accordingly.
Tell you what- set the alarm for 1.am- then go on line with each machine in turn and compare them.
It is likely there will be an evening out and perhaps an uplift of the speeds attained.

  mgmcc 09:58 21 Aug 2008

If, as I suspect, you are on Virgin's *CABLE* 20Mbps broadband, there is no "contention ratio" (it isn't a "contended" service) and you should get almost the full 20Mbps at all times. However, if you download excessively, you could fall foul of Virgin's "Traffic Shaping" which means your speed is throttled at certain times. That wouldn't explain different download speeds in different computers at the *same* time though.

What I have noticed is that AntiVirus programs can have a dramatic effect on download speeds - I get a consistently fast download speed (using "speedtest.net) in a Mac, with no AV software, compared to a PC with AV. Disable the PC's AV, test again and the download is back up to full speed (in my case, 10Mbps Cable).

  jack 10:59 21 Aug 2008

Interesting- you are correct if indeed shaneoneill
is on cable.
What brought you to that conclusion?
Meanwhile shane enlighten us

  shaneoneill 11:25 22 Aug 2008

interesting indeed mgmcc .. i will test that out later .. what do you think is the best anti virus software out there??

I am on cable modem .. but in Ireland .. a company called UPC

  DieSse 11:48 22 Aug 2008

"...what do you think is the best anti virus software out there??"

Certainly with the lowest system overhead, and probably the best virus detector too, is eset - NOD32 AV or full security suite.

click here

Not free, but a 30 day trial so you can experiment and see if it helps.

  jack 11:56 22 Aug 2008

Enlighten me.
You stated the 'cable' is not subject to -contention ratios.
But does not traffic volume over a given network/circuit affect the capacity distribution?
After all if the total loading of a circuit is a fixed MBPS then the number of users on line at any one time will give each proportionally less capacity per account.
Is that not how it works?

  provider 2 12:12 22 Aug 2008

ISP Caps, FUPs and Throttling:

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