Why can't I view graphics on all Web sites?

  datkat 17:57 28 May 2005

Generally, Internet connections work well and display graphics and pictures. However, some do not and, simply, show a small rectangular box at the top left-hand edge of the target's home page - the background colour is there, but nothing else! Should emphasise that the problem is with a small minority of sites only ... on the last occasion, I tried to get onto click here.

I use Windows XP Home and my browser is AOL 9.0.

I've tried all sorts to overcome the problem, sadly without success. Nothing the AOL Helpdesk came up with has improved the situation, so I'm appealing to a wider audience for guidance!

David T.

  ShorN 09:52 29 May 2005

ive had that problem before and it was down to the settings of Norton Internet Security.

  Totally-braindead 11:32 29 May 2005

I think the AOL service uses its own browser and not internet explorer, I think it'll be the security settings needing to be lowered, I know how to alter them on internet explorer but have no idea how to alter them on AOL but I'm sure someone else will. Tried the link by the way and worked fine for me.

  CurlyWhirly 17:42 29 May 2005

I am using AOL 9 (not internet explorer) and your link works okay here.

  Joe R 17:49 29 May 2005


are your shockwave, flash and java all up to date.?

You could also try minimizing AOL, and opening I.E.

P.S. the links fine here. ( firefox & I.E.6.0 )

  pat-212841 17:55 29 May 2005

datkat i have the same problem as you and i am also on Aol 9 and windows xp !

  pat-212841 17:59 29 May 2005

I just went into the Security settings on Aol but it seems to want you to adjust I.E mines on medium and next is high there is no in between i usually then go on firefox and web pages are ok then .

  datkat 11:18 30 May 2005

Thanks, everyone, for your help & guidance. All suggestions tried and when I attempted to update shockwave & flash player, as Joe R. suggested, I had exactly the same problem with the Macromedia site, which led me to conclude that it was, in fact, my AOL browser that was at fault. So, reinstalled the browser ... & 'Bingo', got onto my target site first time!! So, 'Nohope', if you pick this up, simply reinstall AOL 9.0 & it should correct the problem.
Thanks, again, everyone.

David T.

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