Why Can't I See Some Animated banners

  neildockar 12:22 30 Oct 2005

My desktop is running XP home (+SP2) with the latest version of Java (JRE 1.5.0-04) enabled. For some reason certain animated banners eg.

a href="click here" target="_blank"> img src="click here" width="468" height="60" border="0"/> /a>

just won't display in either IE6, Frontpage 2003 or Mozilla.

My laptop runs XP Pro (+SP2) and it displays the same banner no problem. I've aligned all the IE options between the two, but I've noticed that the Java settings on my laptop is Java2v1.4.2.

Is this relevant?

Anyway it's driving me crazy not being able to see certain animated banners (the majority display fine) so any help on how to fix my desktop settings woulf be very gratefully received.

I have also tried removing and then reinstalling Java on the desktop (through Control Panel), but to no avail.

  ACOLYTE 12:34 30 Oct 2005

I think you may find that JRE 1.5.0-05 is the newest update maybe installing this may help.

  neildockar 22:42 03 Nov 2005

Tried reinstalling 1.5.0-05 and no effect. Still being driven crazy. Any other ideas from anyone?
Many thanks

  Splork 23:01 03 Nov 2005

You mean they don't show at all, or they don't animate?

  neildockar 19:17 04 Nov 2005

They don't show at all - the area where they should be is completely blank

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