& why can't I run a thorough test with scandisc?

  Camille 17:44 26 Feb 2003

Although I've been able to defragment ok, when I try to run a thorough test with scandisk i let the program run (sometimes for a couple of hours) and eventually get the message that an application is trying to write to it, so its cancelled itself. What's going on there?

  accord 17:48 26 Feb 2003

you have to shut down all programs running in the background, like antivirus, and close your internet connection. its probably the antivirus which is causing the problem. i have had this problem when defraging and its ok when i have shutdown programs running in background.

  powerless 17:49 26 Feb 2003

When your computing is starting keep tapping the F8 key...

Now select option 3 Which is SAFE MODE...

It will look strange and be very basic...

Run scandisk from SAFE MODE.

  Simon_P 17:50 26 Feb 2003

What OS are you using?

Try to run scandisk in safe mode!

If you are useing XP you may have to restart to compleat scan in through mode, as OS is using the drive.

  accord 17:51 26 Feb 2003


yeah, sorry, thats alot easier, and also you dont have to restart the apps after scandisk, you just reboot.

  wee eddie 18:03 26 Feb 2003

you still have to disable the Screen Saver

  Camille 18:14 26 Feb 2003

Thanx guys - i always shut down everything but explorer when i try to defrag or run scandisk. i think the main problem is a rogue programme thats running in the background which i can't identify. every time i shut down i get a window saying RNAdmin still running and i have to end the task manually - but what IS RNAdmin? How can I get rid of it? If I do scandisk in safe mode will that mean this alien programme won't be running?

  jazzypop 18:19 26 Feb 2003

RNAdmin is an internal file used by Real Player (Real Networks Admin).

The file is located in c:\Windows\applications\real\RNadmin\rnsystem.dat

You can safely delete that file and then reboot.

You might also want to check under c:\Windows\profiles\users\applications\real\RNadmin\rnsystem.dat

  powerless 18:20 26 Feb 2003

If I do scandisk in safe mode will that mean this alien programme won't be running? - YES.

RNAdmin seems to be related to Real Player if you have this on your machine.

Go to Start > run > Type in: MSCONFIG > ok > Startup > Take the tick out of "realsched.exe" > OK > Restart...

Now when you reboot the computer will not load "realsched.exe" and hey presto (fingers crossed) RNAdmin will not appear on shutdown.

  Camille 21:08 26 Feb 2003

msconfig worked a treat - eventually
After following your instructions the screen froze. i had to control/alt/del to get out of it, but on restart the error msg was gone.

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