Why can't I restart my PC

  bigal1808 11:00 07 Aug 2008

This is a relatively new home build PC, running windows xp pro. on a gigabyte EP35c motherboard.
I can shut down ok, But I cant restart.
Does anyone have any ideas.

  crosstrainer 11:03 07 Aug 2008

Need more information please. When you say you can't re-start it do you mean from the start menu option using the mouse, or that the machine simply won't start?

  bigal1808 11:05 07 Aug 2008

sorry - yes, from the start menu, using the mouse

  bjh 11:53 07 Aug 2008

Possible answer... assuming it powers down to a blank screen, but doesn't then power up..

In BIOS if the Halt On Error.. option is set, an error might be generated in restart that isn't created on a fresh start.

Set Halt On Error option to "none"....

Does it restart?

  bigal1808 12:06 07 Aug 2008

I cant try the bios just yet - I'm running other things.
I'll look later, and let you know

  bigal1808 13:56 07 Aug 2008

I,ve just done that - works a treat!!!!!!

So simple when you know how, eh?

Thanks for your help.

I'll close this thread now.

thanks again

  bjh 16:41 07 Aug 2008

Just a warning - it does mean that, theoretically, there is an error.... which the BIOS is finding and you are ignoring.

Others might have advice as to what that is. I have found loads of things can cause this (wireless keyboards, external hard drives, kvm switches low power from psu, sunspot activity... well no, but...).

I'm afraid I follow the rule that at least this works.....

  bigal1808 16:51 07 Aug 2008

OK - thanks

I've got a microsoft wireless keyboard??????????????
I'll need to ckeck the psu
and I haven't seen the sun for some time!!!!!!!

  bjh 19:21 07 Aug 2008

I've got a microsoft wireless keyboard??????????????

So've I - "Wireless Multimedia keyboard v1.0A"!

And, yes, that keyboard does create havoc in several situations - goog old Microsoft!

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